Are your lawyers competent with technology?

Will your firm pass the Suffolk/Flaherty Technology Audit? If not, how many clients will you lose? A recent survey* found that the average user wastes 17% of time using technology incorrectly – that equates to a full day of lost time every week!
Firms that use technology properly bill 25% more time than those who don’t; there is a direct correlation between firms with the highest rates of technology adoption and those with the highest percentage of time billed.
51% of legal departments have fired outside counsel for sub-par document delivery.
In a firm of 250 lawyers with an average billable rate of £200, six minutes of ‘wasted’ time per day equates to more than £1,000,000 per year in lost revenue.
Why is now such an important time to address this problem? What is driving this in 2013?
Join us for a webinar, Wednesday 30 October, 2013, at 15:50 GMT/11:30 EDT, to learn what you can do to fix it easily.
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