The Best Legal IT app just got Better

We’re pleased to announce that the widely-used Legal IT Insider app just got better. As of 5th November, you can now download version 2.0.1 of the app from the iTunes Store for both the Apple iPhone and the iPad – and yes, they are both still FREE of charge. Along with entirely redeveloping the app to take full advantage of the new iOS7 interface, we’ve opted for a Lord of the Rings-style one-app-to-rule-them-all approach.
Previously we had the Breaking News app for the iPhone and a separate Newsletter app for the iPad (accessible through the Apple NewsStand). These have now been combined into one universal app – Legal IT Insider at – however they are in separate formats for the iPhone and the iPad, to reflect the different devices screen capabilities.
Both carry all the latest breaking news (you can also read news by category for the UK or US or APAC or EMEA or Ediscovery news) plus the latest Jobs plus the Insider UK and Global 200 charts plus our Buyers Guides. The one difference is the latest edition of the Insider is accessed via a link to the Insider website on the iPhone whereas it opens up directly on the iPad app (just as it did on the original NewsStand app). Also, news scrolls horizontally on the iPad and vertically on the iPhone – and yes we’ve adopted the BBC approach on only displaying the latest 15 stories in each category, so the app doesn’t take forever downloading old stories.
And that’s it! The apps are free – if you already have the Breaking News app, please ensure you upgrade it to the new iOS7 version – now go and download and enjoy it.