LexisNexis – reasons to be cheerful x 3

LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions (that’s the UK-based software applications business) has announced its first win for its all-new “enterprise grade” business and practice management system, which is based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. The product, incidentally, which was originally code-named Project Nimbus, now also has an official new name: LexisOne. So who is the lucky firm? It is Collas Crill, a fast growing full service Channel Islands-based law firm, which has successfully deployed LexisOne on schedule and budget.
“We are excited to be building our future operations around LexisOne,” commented Russ Newton, Finance Director, Collas Crill. “Already we can see the benefits of this single business management system approach and are more convinced than ever that this investment has positioned us well for the future.”
COMMENT: So who are Collas Crill? The firm was formed by the 2011 merger of Crill Canavan (Jersey) and Collas Day (Guernsey), since which time the firm has opened offices in London and Singapore. Looking at our archives we see that Crill Canavan were last on our radar in 2007 when they selected Aderant Expert as their new PMS, so it is not just a win (as distinct from an Axxia migration) but also a competitive swapout at the expense on one of the big two players at the larger end of the legal IT market. Looks like the company’s long-time claim that Nimbus would be an enterprise-grade product has some foundation.
As for the name change… the party-line is “the name LexisOne embodies the solution’s core offering of a single, connected, firm-wide business environment, delivered by one solution and one vendor to a global legal market… Powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX, LexisOne harmonises financial, human resources, productivity and performance management to provide the insight, flexibility and scalability that firms need to rapidly adapt in an ever changing world.” Fair enough, though we’d also add that dropping the Nimbus monicker gets away from the wishy-washy, up-in-the-air cloud image and makes the product sound a far more corporeal beast.