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2014 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference

This years event – in Orlando, Florida (2-4 April) – will focus on two things: education and networking. This is your opportunity to engage with subject-matter experts, share information and ideas, and build and grow your network.

At this event, you are more than just an “attendee”, you are a participant. This is a learning experience like none other, with breakout session that address a wide range of the latest industry trends and hot topics, and not just the “what” and the “why”, but the “how.” Speakers and topics were specifically selected to help you solve challenges, as well as give you an edge in today’s constantly changing and challenging legal marketplace.

These are just a few highlights this year:
– Our kickoff speaker, Kat Cole, president of Cinnabon, Inc. BEsides her energetic approach to running on sweet business, Kat is widely known in and outside of her industry for legacy business model innovation, change amangement for emerging brands, and mentorship and development of emerging leaders. Kat was also named one of Fortune Magazine’s “40 under 40” in 2013.
– Two informal networking lunches – no videos or presentations allowed – talk to your colleagues without interruption, not to mention several breaks in the conference breakouts agenda to visit the Exhibit Hall and learn from more than 50 of our sponsors. And don’t forget our “Carlito’s Calypso” with a live band.
– a pre-conference CMO Summit that focuses on the big-picture issues that really matter to law firms: Generating new business, differentiation and driving productivity. The session will be led by internationally renowned author and legal industry analyst Jordan Furlong of Edge International and Professor Daniel Katz of the Michigan State University School of Law, co-founder of the school’s award-winning Reinvent Law Laboratory.
– We’ve packed in more opportunities to engage your colleagues in smaller discussion groups – during the pre-conference programs, QuickStart and SMORs, during interactive breakout sessions that incoprorate wireless voting technology and working groups, and with our new Annual Conference mobile app.

Like all those before it, this year’s LMA Annual Conference can’t be missed.

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Full LMA Member (Register by February 14, 2014): $1295
Full LMA Member (Register after February 14, 2014): $1395
All Others (Register by February 14, 2014): $1795
All Others (Register after February 14, 2014): $1895

Artists/Speakers: Katy Admirand, CAtherin Alman MacDonagh, Rob Alston, John H. Banks, Patrick Baynes, John Bonandrini, Jason Bovis, Alfreda Bradley Coar, Tracey Bracco, Toby Brown, Dave Bruns, Lacrecia G Cade, Joe Calve, Liz Cerasuolo, Kat Cole, Erin Corbin Meszaros, John Corey, Silvia Coulter, Randall Craig, Mary Crane, Andrea E Crews, Darryl Cross, Marika DaPron, Carolyn Davis Sklar, Audra A Dial, Elizabeth Duffy, Frank Ellis, John Ferko, Kris Filan, Ross Fishman, Jonathan Fitzgarrald, Maureen Flanagan, David Freeman, Chris Fritsch, Geoff Frost, Patrick Fuller, Jordan Furlong, Clinton Gary, Paul Gladen, Carl Goodman, Alina Gorokkhovsky, Deborah Grabein, Paul S Grabowski, Heather Grall, Melanie S Green, Cy Griffith, Kimberly P Hafley, Kelly Harbour, Elisabet Hardy, Jeff Himming, Michael Hertz, Bridget G Hoy, Kim Huggins, Sylvia F James, Jim Jarrell, Lloyd M Johnson Jr, Karn Kahn, Stephen B Kaplan, Daniel Martin Katz, Eleanor Kerlow, Deb Knupp, Nicholas Kosar, Susan Letterman White, Frarnk M Lowrey, Paul Malanowski, Nancy Mangan, Steve Manton, Jon Metcalf, Jon Mattson, Kaven McMurdo, Katie Moesche, Kristan Morrell, Heather Morse, Kathy O’Brien, Kevin O’Keefe, Cherie W. Olland, Jeffrey D. Paquin, Matt Parfitt, Kalev peekna, Susan L Peters, Brenda Pontiff, Pat Purdy, Darlene Quashie Henry, Traci Rary, Mark Roellig, Gina Rubel, Michael B Rynowecer, Lisa Sachdev, Joe San Pietro, Vincent Scarinci, Sally Schmidt, Peter Secor, Barb Sheperd, John Simpson, Barry Soloman, Betsy Spellman, Nyea Sturman, Jasmine Trillos-Decarie, Jay T Wager, Joseph Walsh, Paul D Webb, Toni Wells, Kate White, Ramona Whitley, Jennifer M Whittier, Michelle Wimes, David Woods