nQueue Billback Publishes Cost Recovery Data Capture & Rate Report + Infographic

nQueue Billback has published its Cost Recovery Data Capture & Rate Report, with data collected from 152 law firms worldwide. Because the Cost Recovery Data Capture & Rate Report draws from actual data – not self-reported survey responses – it is claimed to be the most accurate cost recovery benchmarking study ever produced. It includes an analysis of what percentage of firms are capturing cost information in 10 different areas – copy, color copy, print, color print, fax, scan phone, postage, shipping and research – and describes the rates charged back to clients in six of those areas. Data is grouped by firm size to allow for benchmarking.
The study uncovered some extremely interesting and useful data points. For example, in 2006 firms made one print for every two copies; now they make 1.5 prints per copy—and increase of 300%. At the same time, more than 75% of firms now charge clients for prints, up from less than 5% in 2006. “Considering the relative change in volume, it only makes sense to charge for prints as well as copies,” said John Gilbert, Senior Vice President of nQueue Billback.
The report’s findings are highlighted in this infographic…