New Product Roundup

Time for another round-up of new products from around the legal IT world from RAVN Systems + BAInsight + Red Rain Corporation + ETSOS + DocsCorp + IronBox + Mimecast…

• RAVN Systems release RAVN Manage 3.1 with increased performance, usability and accessibility. RAVN Manage not only successfully manages the health of Enterprise Search systems, in particular HP-Autonomy IDOL and iManage Worksite infrastructures but also now supports Microsoft SharePoint services. RAVN Manage 3.1 can generate KPIs from Windows Management Instrumentation (MWI), as well as generate KPIs from SQL query results generated from statements added through an integrated SQL editor.

ALSO new from RAVN is the release of RAVN Connect for Microsoft SharePoint 2013, a solution to enhance the scope and performance of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Search. Test results have shown 97% reduction of network traffic, 70% faster document preview times and more than doubled indexing performance, amongst many other benefits, when using the solution on distributed SharePoint sources. RAVN Connect for Microsoft SharePoint provides a safe, secure and cost effective connectivity layer to all Microsoft, non-Microsoft and legacy content ecosystems. Whether in a centralised, distributed or a hybrid architecture, RAVN Connect for SharePoint delivers a truly Universal Search from SharePoint 2013 Search resulting in savings across the SharePoint estate itself but also dramatic reductions in demands on the WAN and on query and indexing latency. AND RAVN Connect Foundation, a solution that provides organisations with Enterprise Search essentials, quickly, efficiently and with the minimum impact on over-stretched IT departments and budgets. RAVN Connect Foundation focuses on key repositories where the majority of an organisation’s content resides, such as the Document Management System and the myriad of often less well-structured file shares, to surface the organisation’s knowledge and experience held therein, quickly, and most importantly, with a high degree of relevance.

• BA Insight has launched the 
BA Insight Knowledge Integration Platform which enables organizations to rapidly deploy powerful, search-driven applications at a fraction of the cost, time, and risk of other alternatives. With this platform, SharePoint/FAST customers can improve the implementation of search-driven applications, delivering a remarkable user experience, classification, and connectivity to a wide variety of content sources.


The BAI Knowledge Integration Platform turns enterprise search engines into knowledge engines by transforming the way information is found to get the right information to the right people at the right time. It has the flexibility to function as a comprehensive solution or be implemented in a phased approach to meet growing organizational needs. The platform consists of three robust engines:
•    User Experience Engine – drives remarkable user experiences for finding and exploring knowledge or experts via an extensible engine and a library of powerful components
•    Content Intelligence Engine – increases findability using automated classification, metadata generation, and text analytics
•    Content Connectivity Engine – provides secure connectivity to a wide variety of content systems, enabling unified views of all knowledge assets

• Red Rain Corporation has announced the release of version 1.3 of its RedView Client Portal product which allows a law firm’s client and business associates  barristers, co-counsel, estate agents) to access selected matter information via the web as well as their mobile devices. Features included in RedView Client Portal version 1.3 include:
•    The ability to tailor customer’s portals to their own branding and colour scheme;
•    Improved security to allow information to be shown to be defined by user role;
•    Provision of capabilities to allow customer access to value add items such as checklists, sample contracts, guides and the like, in a completely secure site;
•    “Splash screen” functionality to broadcast firm messages and updates to all clients;
•    Crucially, the ability for clients to access their matter information and documents via iPhone and iPad apps so that they can access information wherever they are, whenever they want.

To see a Slideshare presentation of the new features visit

• Conveyancing search specialist ETSOS has announced the launch of its next generation ordering platform for the commercial property sector. The platform, designed and developed from scratch specifically for commercial conveyancers, follows months of user consultation and comes with no hub or administration fees. It is the first of its kind to offer full screen mapping, a significant advance on other market offerings where small scale mapping functionality hampers ease of use, speed and accuracy. Users can also elect to receive back 1:2500 scaled maps that are fully Land Registry-compliant.

Another major enhancement is the bespoke portfolio facility. Aimed at customers with high volume developments, ETSOS can upload plots to the system on their behalf; this is a free service, with only the required searches being charged for and should dramatically reduce the administrative burden associated with large-scale, complex conveyances.

ALSO ETSOS has announced its partnership with leading case management provider Eclipse Legal Systems to provide direct access to the online ordering system from the Proclaim conveyancing workflow.

• DocsCorp has announced compareDocs 4, a major upgrade to its document comparison software, which allows users to compare two versions of a document for differences no matter what the format. New features include…
•    New, modern interface – The clean, uncluttered compareDocs 4 interface is designed for productivity and usability. Its Microsoft Office 2010/13 look and feel makes it an intuitive and easy product to use. Settings are now more easily configured under the new look settings screen.
•    Faster speeds – Users will notice substantial improvements in the time it takes to start up the application. Comparison speeds have also been improved especially for very large documents.
•    PDF Companion – The PDF Companion is now provided to allow users to create PDF documents from any application. This is ideal for users who have only an occasional need to create PDFs. Simply ‘Print’ to the DocsCorp PDF Printer.
•    Track Change output – Users can choose to output the comparison in an improved Track Changes format, to accept/reject the changes and to continue using the document as the “go forward” version.
•    OCR Language Chooser – Users can specify languages in their documents using the new OCR Language Chooser to improve results in OCR’d documents. Supports 180 languages including Asian languages.
•    PDF comparisons – A single click enables users to compare 2 PDFs, which will be marked up in traditional redline format, and then automatically converted to Word.
•    Windows 8 / Office 2013 – compareDocs continues to be compatible with the latest Operating System and Office versions.

ALSO DocsCorp has released its new metadata management software – cleanDocs – which enables organizations to better protect themselves and their clients from accidental information and metadata leaks. cleanDocs consists of two modules: cleanDocs Desktop + cleanDocs Mobile. cleanDocs Mobile only cleans documents that come from mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone) or through Outlook Web Access. cleanDocs Desktop can remove more than 100 metadata types from MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. In addition, IT Administrators can specify custom property manipulations. For extra security, cleanDocs can convert documents to PDF using DocsCorp’s new PDF technology. Features include: Multi-threaded design supporting all available cores to clean multiple documents concurrently. For example, it can clean up to 32 files in the same second! + Policy-based cleaning – IT Administrators can establish enterprise-wide metadata policies to ensure all documents are cleansed of metadata. Alternatively, users or nominated users can be allowed to modify cleaning options at the point of sending based on the recipient’s trust level to provide a more flexible approach rather than a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

• Redmond-based IronBox has launched an email encryption technology for law firms. IronBox makes professional email encryption as simple as hitting the “send” button inside Microsoft Outlook. Tools to protect (encrypt) email communications have historically been quite difficult to use for both sender and recipient, were cost prohibitive and required significant ongoing maintenance. IronBox has changed that with the introduction of IronBox for Microsoft Outlook.

“If you can send an email, you can use IronBox,” says Kevin Lam, IronBox co-founder & CTO. “We understand lawyers are under a lot of pressure to deliver a lot of confidential information to clients. To give them an idea of how easy it is to use, we’re offering a free trial of the software so that they can quickly see the benefit of having this as part of their daily workflow. IronBox products are currently used by many Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized businesses, and we know the legal and accounting firms will appreciate the protection that they provide.”

The IronBox Outlook plugin is designed so that users with no encryption experience or skills can easily apply sophisticated security to their emails and attachments. To send an encrypted email, compose the email message as usual, including any attachments. When it is ready to send, simply click on the IronBox button, and it automatically encrypts the message. A free version of IronBox can be downloaded by visiting The free version allows users to send unlimited encrypted messages for 30 days for free. The free version also includes ongoing unlimited IronSight email scanning for email messages for most popular document types. A paid version is available for $9.99 per month, which offers unlimited email encryption and IronSight email scanning for email messages for most popular document types.

• Finally, Mimecast has brought its suite of products to enterprise Apple Mac users via a new native app Mimecast for Mac. The company also has announced major improvements to its popular Large File Send product. Both are available now.

Mimecast for Mac enables enterprise users to benefit from the ease of use and range of cloud services previously limited to Microsoft Outlook for Windows or web portal users. This native app gives Mac users full access to their email when their primary service goes down, fast search of everything in their personal email archive, and spam management. It also enables them to send securely large files with Mimecast Large File Send. IT administrators also get the ease and cost benefit of managing their Mac users alongside their Windows infrastructure from within the same central Mimecast Administration Console.

With the new version of Large File Send users can send and receive large files securely whether or not the recipient is a Mimecast customer. The file remains protected and archived on Mimecast’s cloud service throughout the exchange. Files sent and received over Mimecast Large File Send are virus-scanned and checked against enterprise-defined rules for data leak prevention before being stored securely in the corporate email archive within Mimecast’s cloud platform. This allows for more rapid and uncompromised e-discovery and supports compliance as all enterprise data resides in a single archive. It also reduces the traffic over the corporate network caused by the sending and receiving of these large files – the file is saved once to the Mimecast cloud and shared from there, never hitting the corporate infrastructure.