New Products Launches & Updates

Time for another roundup of new product launches and updates, this week featuring Norwel and the Land Registry Gateway + Prosperoware + Hyperion with a New Business Intake solution (apparently it’s an 800lb gorilla) + The Payne Group with an enhanced toolkit for Office 2013 + ARX and Phoenix with a CoSign-to-iManage integration.
• Norwel Computer Services is working with Land Registry on an integrated electronic solution for online submission of applications. The software development team at Norwel has undertaken modifications and verification tests to its Prescient+ case management software to communicate directly with Land Registry’s online Business Gateway channel and automate access to information in its trusted property records.
As one of only two suppliers currently listed as Gateway integrators, Alan Richardson, managing director at Norwel, said “Right now, our clients are able to send or receive Land Registry Information Service requests through Prescient+. This covers a wide range of enquiries, from official copies of documents and searches of the Index Map to protecting searches of whole or part of a title. Everything’s processed electronically via the internet using web interface technologies with the added benefit of automation if built into case workflow. So not only does it speed up applications with real-time data transfer, there are also major time savings to be made by removing the requirement for manual input re-typing, validating and sending applications.  The system populates and submits applications for you, at any time of day or night, without prompt.  Eliminating the potential for human error improves accuracy, and the full electronic audit trail enables better case management and easier billing reconciliation”.
To sign up for Business Gateway, Prescient+ clients should create a Land Registry e-services portal account which can be applied for at Thereafter, Land Registry’s dedicated Channel Partners Team will guide practices through the process.
• Prosperoware continues to focus on improving collaboration and work processes at law firms and other organizations that use the HP WorkSite family of products by announcing today that Milan 3.2 is now available. Milan’s browser-neutral platform delivers improved user adoption and administration, and powers the firm’s information governance processes: file transfers, confidentiality management, litigation hold, retention, data leakage, and investigation. Milan also provides functions for SharePoint and WorkSite Records Manager.
• Hyperion Global Partners has announced the availability of its Workflow and Automation Solution Packs. Hyperion Global Partners’ proprietary Solution Packs provide pre-configured solution templates. Hyperion’s first Solution Pack is built to manage law firm New Business Intake (NBI). No single process in a law firm is more critical, risky or complicated than the management of NBI, and NBI implementations have long been the bane of law firm technology initiatives. As a rapid deployment production-ready solution, every Hyperion NBI Solution Pack includes:
·         Pre-built flexible and adaptable processes
·         Conflict requests and resolution process
·         Business risk management
·         Special rate/alternative fee arrangement
·         Workflow forms
·         Workflow configurations
·         Reporting and notifications
·         Integration and implementation services
“NBI has long been the 800-pound gorilla of law firm automation projects, and firms avoid the projects because of the enormous cost, effort, complexity and unpredictability of the initiatives. Almost everyone has a horror story to tell, but this is what we excel at, and we sought to develop a way to simplify the process and give our clients a ‘production-ready’ best practices product,” said Hyperion managing director Bobby Tindel.
• PayneGroup, a long-time leader in technical training and software migration services as well as security and workflow, is pleased to announce the release of an enhanced toolkit of Office 2013 professional services. PayneGroup has been working with firms migrating to newer Microsoft Office versions since the company’s inception 20 years ago. With the release of Office 2013, PayneGroup has enhanced these services, starting with the recent release of PayneGroup’s Word 2013 for Law Firms book and the creation of a more streamlined and in-depth Office 2013 migration roundtable service covering all phases of the migration. PayneGroup also offers high-end training on all Office 2013 applications for IT staff, trainers and power users, as well as end user training, support services, courseware materials, and migration project management services.
Says Donna Payne, CEO at PayneGroup, “While we had offered Migration Roundtable consulting previously, information was sometimes lost in the 300 plus page report takeaway. Now with the updated format, those who engage PayneGroup will a more comprehensive, organized and easy-to-use report that includes plans for configuration of Microsoft Office, as well next steps. The tools will help all types and sizes of organization in their planning and deployment of new versions of Microsoft Office and third-party tools.”
• ARX, the digital signature solutions specialist, and Phoenix Business Solutions have teamed up to create the CoSign Connector for HP Autonomy WorkSite (iManage). The new Connector is the latest addition to the long list of products that integrate CoSign digital signatures into the world’s leading content and workflow management systems. The CoSign digital signature solution allows WorkSite users to further automate without requiring them to make any changes to the processes and workflows they already have in place. By completing the automation of their signature-dependent processes and moving to fully paper-free workflows, they can further streamline operations and reduce internal and client costs.
With the easy-to-use CoSign system, WorkSite users no longer need to revert to paper each time the need for a signature arises. They can easily and quickly sign Word and PDF documents by simply right-clicking on the document in their WorkSite document library and selecting “Sign with CoSign.” They then go through the simple process of adding a signature field, selecting their desired signature properties, and signing the document, which can be saved in their WorkSite library. All documents signed with CoSign can always be easily verified for signer identity and intent, as well as content integrity, by any recipient using widely available applications such as Microsoft Office or most PDF readers.
“CoSign is helping to preserve our customer’s prior investments in enterprise applications, in this case WorkSite,” said John Marchioni, ARX VP Business Development. “Phoenix has done a great job making CoSign features seamlessly available to WorkSite users which will no doubt result in broader user adoption and overall satisfaction.”