Channel News: All change for Dave Webber – new brand + new partner

As it approaches its 20th anniversary in the UK legal IT market, Legato Computer Services has announced several new developments and initiatives involving a change of name, a new case/document management product and a new reseller deal. The company has changed its name to Indigo Legal Systems Limited and also announced development of a new general case and document management system, Indigo Case Centre, which will be available early in 2015. Legato’s Dave Webber said aligning the company name with their flagship Indigo products makes sense as it can only increase market awareness of the Indigo brand. In addition, legal workflow specialist Ochresoft has announced that it has become the exclusive reseller for Indigo Legal Systems, including the practice management system Indigo Financial Centre.
Indigo Financial Centre is the 4th generation system developed by the original architects of Solomon, which became Avenue, and more recently its predecessor Paragon. Indigo and Paragon have over 170 sites across England and Wales and the team have always sold through a reseller structure. Ochresoft believes Indigo is a perfect complement to its Cloud-based workflow solution, Intelliworks, and while there are plans to integrate the two products, the company is keen to stress that an integrated platform will be just one option, with both Indigo and Intelliworks continuing to be offered as discrete best-of-breed solutions.
Ochresoft’s Pauline Freegard explains the rationale behind the new reseller arrangement: “Basically, it’s a win-win-win scenario. There are Indigo users looking for a good workflow solution, Intelliworks users wanting a capable back office, and lots of firms beyond our user bases looking for one or other or both! What appealed to us about Indigo – and what has been confirmed to us by early research – is that there is a breadth and depth of functionality that is all considered standard product, and priced accordingly. And to that basic good value we’ll be adding affordability by moving to a monthly licensing model with a low capital project with a fixed price full data transfer.
“We were particularly impressed by Indigo’s data transfer team and track record. Migration can be one of the biggest barriers to change, with firms worried about risks to data, and bloated and protracted projects. Indigo have honed a very ‘lean and mean’ approach to implementations, with pinpoint accuracy on full data transfers and very compact, cohesive project management. That keeps costs down and engagement up, helping users get off to a quick, positive start.
“We know from our own exposure to the market that there is an appetite for a strong, feature-rich PMS that isn’t reliant on add-on modules and extra this and that to give it value, but is just a well-rounded solution out of the box. Indigo fits that bill perfectly and we’re confident we can help it fulfil its potential within the SME legal space.”