Time recording: Gateley clocks Rekoop potential

Time capture specialist Rekoop has continued its run of success, with its fourth top tier win in a matter of weeks. Top 50 law firm Gateley LLP has just completed a pilot phase ahead of a full roll-out to some 375 lawyers across its six English offices, integrating with its Elite Envision PMS. The project will see the deployment of Rekoop Desktop, the primary time recording interface; Rekoop Digital Footprint, which monitors activity in the background and helps construct timesheets automatically; Rekoop for mobile, enabling the seamless recording of time on the move across both iOS and BlackBerry; and a bespoke telephony interface, thereby allowing all call times to be logged.
Neil Smith, Gateley’s Finance Director, said “As a national law firm with a strong regional emphasis, we recognise that it is important to have the best quality data upon which to base our business decisions. Rekoop gives us 360° visibility of activity and performance amongst fee-earners, providing much more reliable benchmarking for KPIs and a sound platform for business intelligence and management information.
“Time capture used to be viewed very much as a one dimensional ‘record more, bill more’ tool. But today’s data needs to be much more sophisticated than that. We are using technology more than ever before. A time recording system fully integrated into all of our technologies enhances our data. However you’re working and whatever billing model you’re adopting, time is still the basic unit of cost; it has never been as important for us and our clients to know what each task costs. We see Rekoop as a key performance measurement solution.”