Beers see BigHand as the document production platform for future growth

Leading SouthWest law firm Beers LLP has selected BigHand as its digital dictation platform. BigHand is replacing the firm’s incumbent digital dictation solution and providing additional mobile and speech recognition functionality which will transform current document production processes, driving significant gains in both productivity and efficiency. BigHand will be used by Beers’ 40 fee earners and secretaries across its offices in Kingsbridge and Plymouth. Beers will be using BigHand core digital dictation and workflow solution plus mobile and speech recognition functionality,
“The way in which professional services firms deliver their services is fundamentally changing,” says Sue Symons, Beers’ Office Manager. “Clients are expecting speed and agility, so being able to capture and process information and communicate it quickly is increasingly important. You absolutely have to go with technology to remain agile and competitive. Having used digital dictation previously, we knew the benefits a proven solution could offer. Unfortunately, we had some reliability issues with our incumbent solution and we also wanted to take advantage of the latest speech recognition and mobile technologies, which led us to BigHand.”
BigHand is currently being implemented across both of Beers’ offices, with the rollout almost complete. The firm is expecting the technology to provide gains in both efficiency and productivity, with the BigHand core workflow providing the ability for dictations to be allocated in real time to the office with the most capacity. In addition, the mobile and speech recognition functionality will allow fee earners to streamline and expedite their document production process without the need for additional secretarial resource.