Linklaters spend analytics webinar – Rosslyn Analytics

Webinar: Join Linklaters and learn how to turn spend visibility into savings and higher profit per partner
Whilst procurement teams might have a grasp on what is being spent and where, it can prove advantageous to get behind that information and understand what else can be gained from spend visibility in context of the wider business. Whether it’s recognizing how spend matches with business goals like supplier diversity or supply chain risk, or showing internal counterparts where procurement can help them make big savings. When spend data is utilized the right way it can unleash untapped opportunities for the procurement function.
In this webinar, we will examine the capabilities and processes that can make strategic use of spend data a reality and explore how procurement can master and enrich existing data in order to deliver greater business value. It will cover:
*Improving the availability, knowledge transfer and value of spend data
*Developing the capability to turn data into an argument and communicating that to stakeholders
*Using data to understand where you are with business priorities, and where to go from there
*Identifying opportunities to rationalize tail spend, risk and diversity
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