Something for the Weekend: social media tips for beginners part #97

As part of our ongoing mission to inform (and entertain) here are some tips for law firms and legal IT vendors on the perils of using modern technologies, such websites and email…
• So is that Trolling Official Company Policy? If you work for a law firm and you decide to post a hostile comment on the Legal IT Insider slagging off another law firm’s website, please note that not only your firm’s IP address but even its name may be disclosed in the metadata associated with that post. We’re currently still waiting for a large South Coast of England law firm to confirm whether its recent criticism of a Newcastle-upon-Tyne firm’s new website is official company policy.
• Iain Doesn’t Work Here Anymore: If you work for a large IT vendor and you make a raft of layoffs and redundancies – except you are still telling the world everything is all right – you just might want to keep the recently departed staffers’ email accounts up and running for a few months before closing them down. Otherwise what happens is we send out our monthly newsletter and receive a flood of “The intended recipient of your email is no longer with…” email bounce-back messages, which does rather give the game away. (Doesn’t it OpenText?)