Startup Corner: Dacuda aiming to put a scanner in your pocket

EducationToday we’re looking at Dacuda, a Swiss startup specialized in image digitalization technology, which this week announced the launch of PocketScan, the world’s first wireless scanner. The scanner leverages Dacuda’s patented computer vision and robotic algorithm technology to deliver a portable, versatile scanner that’s software and device compatible. Dacuda is currently engaged in a crowdfunding venture on Kickstarter at – – with units (expected to retail at US$ 149.00) due to start shipping in December.
PocketScan, say Dacuda, provides a user-friendly experience that enables users to scan any format up to A3 fit, scanning items that don’t fit into a regular scanner. By simply moving PocketScan across a document, the content is assembled in real-time and transformed into editable text, tables or images. Tables are transformed into Excel sheets and documents can be edited right away in the typical Word format. Additionally the scanner’s design works in any light condition and produces high quality images that are clear, consistent and bright.
“We wanted to create a scanner that outperforms the traditional scanner,” said Alexander Ilic Founder & CTO of Dacuda. “The scanner is compatible with popular software, produces consistently clear images and will simply scan items that a regular scanner is unable to scan.”
The small, portable device also wirelessly connects with most devices, seamlessly connecting via Bluetooth/iBeacon to any PCs, Mac or iPads. It instantly recognizes text in over 130 different languages and works great with Evernote or Microsoft’s Office suite. All text recognition runs locally on the device, which is great in countries with poor Internet connectivity. Whether the scanner is used for professional or personal use, in the office or on vacation, the tool provides users with their choice of creative or functional use. Some example use cases include:
• Business & Collaboration: Scan and edit any text and table, archive receipts and collaborate in real-time during face-to-face meetings or videoconferences.
• Travel & Mobility: PocketScan is small enough to take anywhere and is able to connect to all of your devices. PocketScan can also translate foreign languages.
NotesDacuda was founded in 2009 as spin-off company from ETH Zurich by former students of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and the University of St. Gallen (HSG).