Law Librarians Win Prizes!

The British & Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) held its annual conference and dinner at the Royal Hall,  Harrogate last week and took the opportunity to hand out its annual awards…
• The BIALL Legal Journals Award 2014 went to Legal Action. 
Val Williams and Louise Heath received the award from the BIALL President Jas Breslin. 
Legal Action previously won this award in 2004 and again in 2012, demonstrating the high regard in which this publication is held
• The BIALL Supplier of the Year Award 2014 was awarded to Wildy & Sons Ltd. 
John Sinkins received the award.
 The supplier had an average score of 4.73 out of 5, which is outstanding.
• The BIALL Wallace Breem Award 2014 was awarded to Natasha Choolhun.
 Sandra Smythe received the award on behalf of Natasha, who produced a detailed proposal suggesting BIALL should produce its own Legal Information Literacy Toolkit. This was considered by Council and taken forward by a BIALL working group. The result was BIALL’s Legal Information Literacy Statement. The impact of the Statement is huge; it has the potential to raise the legal information literacy standards of law students and practitioners.
• The BIALL Wildy Law Librarian of the Year Award 2014 went to Lillian Stevenson. 
Jas Breslin, President of BIALL, scommented 
“Most impressive is just how highly this person is regarded and esteemed by her academic colleagues in her law school. The respect she holds there is immense. Through her competence and hard work, she has developed an excellent working relationship with faculty colleagues, which many academic librarians in this room will recognize can be extremely difficult to foster. In this respect she can be considered a role model for academic law librarians in this country and around the world. The fact that she has persuaded the head of her law department to speak at this conference illustrates just how well regarded she is. “