Latest Legal IT Product Launches & Upgrades from the US & UK

Here are the latest new product launches and upgrades to hit our newsdesk*, today featuring… Huron Consulting + Amiigo + Aderant + Eclipse Legal Systems + Helm360 + Encoretech + NetDocuments

US: Huron Consulting Group has announced the launch of Huron Legal kCreate – an application to reduce costs and enhance the speed of the contract creation process for corporate law and compliance departments. The new tool automates the contract creation process, allowing clients to generate even the most complex contracts internally, avoiding unnecessary costs and enabling greater compliance and control throughout the life cycle of a contract. Full details here

UK: £6 or 17.5p? That’s the choice you have if you have travel to the USA with O2. Their standard business rate for roaming data is £6 per MB. With Amiigo it’s 17.5p per MB. Amiigo say its new roaming data solution will save you up to 97% of the cost of roaming data. As well as the USA, Amiigo saves you money on roaming data in another 183 countries around the world. For more details email + we’ve an explanatory leaflet here How_Amiigo_Works

US & Global: Aderant has announced the release of Aderant Expert 8.0 SP2 (service pack). Highlights of the release include all new Expert Collections and Expense Management modules, updates to Expert ClearView, a new rules engine, and a number of other key global accounting enhancements.

The Expert Collections module has been redesigned to improve a firm’s collections processes, streamline and improve debt collection, and expand management capabilities using a new set of functionality, automated tools, and embedded workflow. The updated module provides multiple tools and reporting functionality to help identify and prioritize overdue accounts and automate collection tasks, shortening collection cycles, improving cash flow, and reducing write-offs while improving productivity and increasing visibility throughout the firm.

Aderant Expert 8.0 SP2 also includes a revamped Expert Expense Management module to assist firms in ensuring compliance to both internal and recoverable expense policies. Using a simple, intuitively designed interface, firms can enter, track, edit, and approve expense reports in an efficient, rapid manner. Internal firm expense policy compliance is ensured through the use of customized rules and an embedded workflow for automated approval, minimizing billing delays, write downs, write-offs, and unbilled expenses.

UK: Eclipse Legal Systems has unveiled a host of new software features at its recent conference. The core of the event focused on showcasing the raft of new functionality available in the latest version of Proclaim – v3.3.  This new version will be available to all existing Proclaim users free of charge. Some of the features revealed included:
• ‘Quick Document Builder’ for rapid document construction, directly within MS Word
• Unlimited data population, using a new database structure, enabling rapid on-the-fly creation of any number of data fields
• A complete costs drafting solution, including ‘red line bill’ creation
• Further enhancements to Precedent H production
• New billing and time management toolsets, allowing advanced configuration at fee earner, matter, and client level
• Mobile time recording, with the new MyTime app
• ‘CaseViewer’, allowing the export of Proclaim matters to mobile, non-Proclaim platforms

US: Helm360 has launched its business analytics suite Terminus at the Thomson Reuters Elite VANTAGE 2014 Worldwide Conference in New York City. As part of the Helm360 Business Analytics Suite, Terminus empowers firms with key metrics, data analytics, and big data strategies through a single-point-of-access.  Built upon the most pioneering technology advancements, Terminus moves beyond standard BI systems to understand and correlate meaning and association across data systems. Regardless of data format, location or structure, the Helm360 technology platform allows business users to drill down, roll up, and slice and dice information across multiple dimensions. The real-time access immediately provides more meaningful information on business results, empowering executives to make pre-emptive modifications to achieve organizational goals.

US: Encoretech, a learning & development organization delivering technology training and migration solutions to the legal and corporate communities, this week introduced the Encoretech Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering. As part of the new solution, Encoretech will work with law firms on ways to strategically redesign their legal technology training programs including new hire training and onboarding; online and distance learning; staff skill & proficiency development; learning management system (LMS) customizations; training content development; and utilization of new, innovative training delivery methods.

According to Bill Koch, Director of Technology Services, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice LLP, the Encoretech TaaS solution offers the firm unlimited training flexibility and expertise, from custom application training and eLearning content to new hire on-boarding to training strategy. “Their outsourced training and distance learning solution turns traditional on-site training on its head and signifies a paradigm shift in how the modern firm can deliver consistent, actionable training and tutorials to time-strapped professionals. Encoretech has a strategy-first approach to technology training and with their expertise and well developed training design plan, we were able to transition from a typical decentralized classroom training model to a fully managed centralized distance learning program at a fraction of the time it would take most firms.”

US & Global: NetDocuments will be releasing NetDocuments 14.3 on July 24, 2014. New features will include
•  Online editing via OneDrive available in your right-click menu
•  The ability to create up to 20 individual profile templates
•  Full E-mail Management support for .eml files
• Federated Identity support for Okta and OneLogin

NetDocuments’ lcloud-based document management system now also integrates with the JuraLaw web-based national case, calendar and docket management solution for the legal community.

* Declaration of Interest: All products featured here on their own editorial merits (and not because the vendors have paid us money to join some silly club.)