Startup Corner: Legal Publish aim to transform law firm website content

legalpublishToday’s featured startup is Legal Publish (great URL btw) a New York-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) content management and marketing platform dedicated to helping law firms easily create and manage their web presence, boost their brand and increase engagement.
At the core of the service is the Legal Publish CMS, a secure, flexible web content management system that provides a level of customization and system integration that is, in the words of Legal Publish founder & CEO Eric Diamond “unlike any of today’s overpriced, outdated web publishing systems”. Surrounding the CMS is a suite of add-on marketing services, such as SEO, social media marketing and Google AdWords campaign management, which help empower marketing departments to deliver real results.
“We have worked with some of the leading international law firms to provide platform and marketing solutions,” says Diamond, “and we’ve found they were all looking for a better solution for managing their web content and marketing efforts than the complicated, rigid, proprietary platforms they’d been tied to for years. Legal Publish was created to provide that very solution.”
Built on top of an open source framework, the Legal Publish CMS is designed to enable even non-technical users to easily deliver a compelling content experience. Out of the box the Legal Publish CMS includes a variety of law firm-specific features such as pre-built content types, relational crosslinking of content, multilingual capabilities, integrated email marketing, data migration and content editing and writing. It also includes a custom-built proposal generator which enables firms to leverage content from their website and external sources to create branded proposals and marketing materials.
Headquartered in New York City, Legal Publish was founded by Eric Diamond, CEO of Tribeca Digital and Tribeca Cloud. Prior to this, Diamond was the CTO of Time Out Publications. Despite its location, Legal Publish aims to support not just US law firms but also international practices.