APAC Events: Janders Dean on track for another Sydney KM show record

Janders Dean is pleased to announce The 7th Annual Legal Knowledge & Innovation Conference (Sydney, 18 & 19 September 2014). This is the only dedicated and independent conference aimed at the legal industry in the APAC region, and is recognised as one of the leading global Operational Management, Knowledge Management, Technology and Innovation forums. With a strict cap on the number of attendees enforced by Janders Dean each year, after only the first week of open registrations the 2014 event is already close to the point of being sold out.
Justin North, Founder and Director at Janders Dean said “We’ve been taken somewhat by surprise this year at just how quickly the event has approached peak capacity. It is unprecedented in the APAC market for an event to reach maximum capacity at such speed. Where I believe we are different, and what we measure and pride ourselves on, is bringing unparalleled globally relevant and innovative educational content to our delegates. The speed at which the attendee registrations have come in for the 2014 event not only validates to us the strength of our speaking faculty, but also the appetite of the APAC market to seek innovative ways of working in a rapidly changing global legal landscape. There seems to be great demand and thirst for the knowledge that is uniquely shared at our events.
“It isn’t only the content provided by the faculty that attracts our delegates. We’re also fortunate to have a great line up of supporting organisations again this year who take the opportunity to showcase their solutions and listen to the market trends and attendee feedback that can then be incorporated into their offerings. A majority of our supporting vendors have been involved with the event since its inception seven years ago. Companies such as Nuance, LexisNexis, Phoenix Business Solutions and Recommind will also be joined on the day by senior management from other providers of innovative solutions such as InfoTrack, Integreon, IntApp, Lex Connect, Manzama, HighQ Solutions, Business Integrity, DocsCorp and XRef. The active involvement of these organisations again demonstrates the level of thought leadership at the conference, and gives a positive indication of the health of the APAC market..
“What brings us the most amount of personal pride in our APAC event is that our delegates are returning year on year and bringing their peers from within their organisations. A number of firms regularly send three or more senior management and decision making delegates who represent various functions from across their business – it indicates to us that they understand the value proposition and relevance of the content, and that there is increasingly limited appetite in the industry for events that focus just on a single standalone area of the firm such as technology. Mature organisations recognise the critical nature of intertwined dependencies across support functions and working practices, and now realise that traditional or legacy functional silos can no longer enable change or competitive positioning by themselves” said North.
Janders Dean will again be building on the success of last year’s inaugural Innovation Index (undertaken in collaboration with LexisNexis) by recognising those firms, individuals and organisations that are pushing boundaries and changing the rules of the market in APAC. Full details of the event (including the more than 20 confirmed industry thought leading speakers) and registration information can be found at www.jandersdean.com/conference