Service Desks – You kept me waiting 18 seconds!

Sherry Bevan Consulting Ltd has published the second edition of its Bevan Service Desk Performance Report. The data is based on responses from more than 40 law firms, ranging in size from 95 to 5,000 users. In total, the report represents 27,000 law firm users and 87,000 calls per month, and more than 1 million IT service desk tickets per year.
The key findings include:
• Live rate: The number of seconds to answer the telephone. This ranged from 3 to 30, with the average being 18 seconds.
• Average calls per analyst: The average number of calls per analyst per month is 315 although this does vary according to the size of the firm.
• Average abandon rate: this measures the percentage of calls to the service desk that abandoned or hung up before the telephone was answered. The average is 6%.
• Chat or instant messaging: 16% of law firms provide their users the option of chat or instant messaging to log incidents.
Other aspects reviewed are salary, performance and staffing challenges, competencies, how customer service is measured, and ITIL implementation in law firms. The full report is available to download at
Sherry Bevan adds “When I managed a global service desk supporting more than 3000 users, I was frustrated that the industry data available was not relevant to my role in the legal sector. I love this report because it provides key facts and figures for managing an IT service desk in a law firm. Running a business support team in a law firm IS different to any other industry.” Sherry Bevan invites you to send ideas and suggestions on what you would like to see in future reports to