Another UK law firm switches over to BigHand

Hull-based Graham & Rosen Solicitors is the latest UK law firm to select BigHand to replace its digital dictation system. The BigHand software will be integrated with the firm’s Advanced Legal ALB case management software. In addition to digital dictation, Graham & Rosen is implementing speech recognition with some of their fee-earners and the BigHand Go iPad app. Graham & Rosen also has some home based employees, who will be using BigHand Citrix and Terminal Services solutions.
Graham Beeston, IT Manager at Graham & Rosen said “We are switching to BigHand because it integrates better with the legal software we are moving to and we were very impressed with the voice recognition software. Although voice recognition may not be perfect, I cannot see shorthand and typewriters being re-introduced in the foreseeable future. The only way forward is to embrace the new technology and try to make it work for you. That is what we are hoping to do by taking on the BigHand product.”