Startup Corner: Need an esignature then just Signatur it !

This week’s startup is Signaturit, which is claimed to be the first e-signature solution to comply with the EU requirements for ‘advanced electronic signatures’ managed through any email client by allowing a fully legally binding, handwritten electronic signature through the likes of Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.
Signaturit, currently being accelerated by Startupbootcamp, allows users to request advanced electronic signatures in compliance with the EU Directive 1999/93/EC and the US E-SIGN and UETA acts through its web-based email client. The Barcelona-based startup streamlines the signing process, sparing its users the need of visiting third-party websites or downloading apps while at the same time providing legally binding signatures.
After signing up, all it takes to request a handwritten signature through Signaturit is sending a PDF file using your preferred email client and adding “” to the end of the signatory’s address. The platform not only keeps a record of the email addresses, the name of the file, the location and the exact time it was signed by a time stamping authority (TSA) but leverages a state-of-the-art biometric authentication system and the same encryption standards used by banks and government agencies to ensure the integrity and validity of each signature.
Signaturit says it has thousands of users in 40 countries, ranging from freelance professionals and SMEs to big corporations. Its technology and seamless integration with hundreds of APIs allows businesses and particulars to reduce paper and printing costs, increase cash flow by streamlining their billing process, keep track of their signature record and even save space and be more environmentally responsible.
According to Juan Zamora, CEO of Signaturit, “while e-signature is a tried and true technology, the increasingly demanding regulatory and legal requirements for binding electronic signatures threatens the easy-to-use nature of the solutions available in the market. That is why Signaturit not only provides the simplest solution by allowing users to request signatures through their email client of choice, but does so in compliance with the most demanding data protection requirements”.
Originally incubated at Incubio, a Barcelona-based incubator specialized in projects related to Big Data, Signaturit was launched in 2013 by a multidisciplinary team with previous experience in the finance and startup industries. To try Signaturit, click