Legal Industry Video Awards – Entry #38 – New eDiscovery Features with Everlaw

Here’s our 38th submission to the Legal Industry Video Awards. This has been entered by the Berkeley (CA) based ediscovery company Everlaw to demonstrate a new ediscovery StoryBuilder collaboration feature that allows users to combine documents identified as relevant during review to put together their arguments. As Everlaw VP of Business Development Jon Kerry-Tyerman explains “Learn how to use the new Everlaw StoryBuilder feature! It allows you to combine docs identified as relevant during ediscovery document review into arguments. StoryBuilder makes document review actionable for litigators!”
This entry has been submitted in Category 4 : Vendor Training & Educational Video of the Year Award designed to help customers use the organisation’s products and services and Category 8 : Ediscovery Video of the Year Award – this category recognises the synergy that exists in the ediscovery/edisclosure world between lawyers, vendors and the courts.