Innovation at No.10 Downing Street – the Presentations

Back on July 9th we ran a story about the #Pitch10 initiative, a Dragons Den type session to be held at No.10 Downing Street (that’s the home of the UK prime minister for non-UK readers) on 31st July. This aimed to present ten of the “rising stars” and “most promising digital companies in Britain selected by an independent panel of digital leaders” to potential investors. Among the ten were Mimecast and Certivox (the latter featuring a presentation by co-founder Frank Boening, best known in the UK for his time with Workshare.) Well, the presentations are over (and jolly uncomfortable those seats look too) and here’s a link (it’s a responsive frame so click on it to go to full-screen mode) to the Look Book containing the presentations. (See, just like being there but without the security and politicians.)