Latest Insider – the Postscript

Time for a quick catch-up after yesterday’s Insider release, starting with a Big Hello to all our new subscribers. We noticed three trends this month: the first was the growing number of lawyers (fee-earners and partners) signing up for the newsletter. The second was the growing number of South African and South American (particularly from Brazil) law firms signing up. And, the third was the widening of our corporate readership, with the legal affairs departments of more and more businesses now taking the Insider. Thank you.
• In other news… a sharp-eyed reader has pointed out that the BPM/workflow software provider K2 still lists Heller Ehrman as a reference on its website, despite the fact Heller Ehrman went out of business in 2008. And another reader, commenting on our “It’s the Software Stupid” story adds “My contacts tend to be law firm management rather than technologists and in my experience, they largely do evaluate legal software by reference to LinkedIn/Facebook/Netflix these days.”