UPDATED: Dean Sappey of DocsCorp & Barrie Hadfield of Workshare do the ice-bucket challenge

You may have spotted on social media that the ALS Association Ice Bucket Challenge is running rife through America (the challenge aims to raise money for the charity researching into a cure for ALS, a neurodegenerative disease – full details here www.alsa.org)  – well now we have our first taker from the legal IT world: Dean Sappey, the President and co-founder of DocsCorp, has just completed the challenge yesterday,  during the course of ILTA in Nashville.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMpdPoIw_sY?rel=0]
“In the spirit of friendly rivalry” and in support of a very worthy charitable cause, Dean has now nominated Donna Payne of PayneGroup + Barrie Hadfield of Workshare + Deepak Massand of Litéra to take the challenge. The rules stipulate that you must complete the challenge within 24 hours of receiving this message and record a video of the proceedings. During the video participants have the opportunity to nominate others. If you do not accept the challenge you must make a minimum $100 donation to the ALS Association.
Barrie Hadfield has already said he’s considering it (we suspect Donna is stuck in an airport lounge en route home) but adds that Dean Sappey had the luxury of taking the challenge in Nashville where it was 40 degrees C (104F in old money) so a drenching in ice-water was probably refreshing whereas Barrie is in the UK, where being drenched in ice-cold water is known as a “typical British summer”.
Now read on for updated news… Donna is stuck on a plane and has requested extra time as she only has access to two ice-cubes in a gin & tonic, Deepak is travelling but will be doing something – he’s not said what yet – when he gets back next week – and Barrie Hadfield has taken the challenge, adding that his staff took a perverse delight in throwing cold water over him…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVXlMmoYdsU?rel=0]
Talking of Workshare, Jonathan Maas, our tall man with a long camera, sent us this picture showing what appears to be Workshare staff in their new corporate uniforms…