EU News: Danish law firm partners with Tikit & HighQ

Danish law firm Horten has chosen HighQ Collaborate, through technology solutions suppliers Tikit, for its new client extranet and collaboration platform Horten Connect. Horten sought a contemporary, user-friendly solution for sharing information and files with clients and lawyers.
Morten Kamper Mathiasen, Head of IT at Horten, explains why the firm sought a solution: “The idea had been in the pipeline for some time,” he says. “We were experiencing increasing demand from clients and partners to provide a collaboration solution. We didn’t previously have a dedicated extranet or file sharing service, so we relied on different ad hoc file sharing solutions, when needed.”
Morten knew where to look for the ideal solution. “I had known about HighQ Collaborate for about four years when I had a brief demo of the product. I was impressed with it at the time and kept up with its developments. When I was looking to implement a platform at Horten I knew it was the right time to go to HighQ. It was clear that HighQ Collaborate met the needs of Horten, as Morten went on to say: “Collaborate is perfect for law firms. It’s made for lawyers by lawyers and its primary focus has always been on the legal industry with functions that we like and security standards that we need.”
For Morten, it was important to choose a software-as-a-service solution. “We deliberately chose a cloud platform with a managed service so that we didn’t have to do the set-up and maintenance in-house,” he explains. “HighQ handles everything for us. We have access to 24/7 support and hosting, backups, updates and upgrades are all taken care of.” Horten wanted to personalise the platform to match their own branding, which they were able to do with HighQ Collaborate. “It was important for us to be able to brand the platform,” Morten says. “We named it Horten Connect and personalised it to match our corporate colour scheme, website and logo. We want users to know it is part of our offering and instantly associate it with Horten’s suite of services.”
Although the Horten Connect has only just launched, Morten reports plans for different use cases of the platform. “We’re intending on using Horten Connect for all of our internal and external collaboration, including knowledge sharing, secure file sharing, project management and boardroom management,“ he explains. “We’ve recently implemented a new SharePoint document management system and Horten Connect is able to integrate with that using the HighQ Appliance. This will make it really easy for us to manage our work through both platforms,” Morten explains.
Dries Ausems, Sales and Business Development Manager at HighQ, said, “We’re delighted to have Horten on board, and we are pleased to see how Horten Connect has been positively received at the firm. We look forward to seeing how Horten Connect makes a difference to the way the firm works and interacts with its clients.”