Case Study: How the DC Bar digitised its records, including 1.6 million images

Here’s an interesting case study on how Quality Associates Inc (QAI) helped the Washington D.C. Bar digitize more than 8000 membership cards with 1.6 million images to more easily comply with District of Columbia Court of Appeals and enable a more streamlined content management process. The background is D.C. Bar’s Member Service Center had a collection of 8,172 microfiche cards, which were accessed for member information by utilizing older technology microfiche reader equipment. By the order of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the D.C. Bar is required to maintain these records in perpetuity. Because there are no other copies of the cards and some membership data stored on the cards exists in no other format, the data was at risk due for misfiling, damage or deterioration.    DCbar_casestudy_FINAL