Intapp sign up Australian law firm Lander & Rogers for Time recording

Intapp today announced that Lander & Rogers, a leading independent Australian law firm, has implemented Intapp Time to make time recording more efficient for lawyers and staff. Intapp Time helps firms improve billing accuracy, and provides fee earners with accurate information on how they are utilising their time on a daily basis. By making the time recording process more efficient, Intapp Time allows lawyers to focus on delivering excellent client service, rather than spending time on administrative overhead.
Lander & Rogers rolled out Intapp Time following a successful two-month pilot across both its Melbourne and Sydney offices. More than 80% of participants in the pilot made use of Intapp’s passive time capture, which automatically records client-related activities performed by fee earners, assigns client codes and task durations, and presents users with a pre-populated report for review at the end of the day.
“Intapp Time is a great product that adapts easily to how lawyers want to work. Lawyers who find traditional timesheets too time-consuming have been delighted to find a pre-populated report to work from. Lawyers who are already avid timekeepers have found it a useful tool for checking the accuracy of their records,” said Sam Sofianos, Director of Technology and Innovation, Lander & Rogers. “We value Intapp’s methodology and experience in driving software adoption, and its customer success team has been exceptional in helping us train users and execute the firm-wide rollout of Intapp Time for maximum ROI.”