New Vendor hoping to stir up UK legal IT market

Worried what Eclipse will do next, now they are part of Capita? Unpleasantly surprised by the progress both Peppermint and LexisOne are making in the market? Well we’re going to spoil the start of your week with more bad news. Yes, just what you always wanted, another vendor entering the UK legal IT market.
The company is NewGalexy (yes, that is the correct spelling ..Ed) a cloud technology and  legal process outsourcing (LPO) provider, which this morning has launched two new cloud solutions. One is a contract and document assembly and lifecycle management system for corporate legal departments and the other is a practice management system for small-to-mid sized law firms.
NewGalexy say that unlike other bulky and complicated contract management systems, their ContractPod is an affordable, fixed price, end-to-end contract and document assembly, automation and lifecycle management solution. This solution enables legal departments to gain “single touch point” control across the lifecycle of every single document – right from contract assembly, approval workflow, negotiation, revisions and renewals through to termination. Powered by Windows Azure cloud hosting solution, ContractPod offers inhouse counsel instant scalability, speed and all of the economic benefits of cloud computing.
For small to medium sized law firms, NewGalexy has partnered with Uberall Solutions Limited to produce NewGalexy Practice League, an enterprise practice management system (PMS) that offers an integrated business environment, helping law firms to run lean, highly efficient and profitable businesses.  The PMS has been developed from Uberall’s Asian market cloud-based PMS, which is already used by many law firms in that market. Law firms can be up and running with NewGalexy Practice League within 24 hours. There is no software purchase, implementation or IT infrastructure cost to be incurred. Firms benefit from the full range of joined-up functionality – from time keeping, invoicing, payment, collection and budgeting through to matter management, reporting, business analytics and CRM.
“The pressure to control costs is profound for in-house Counsel and law firms alike. Truly cloud-enabled technology presents both camps with the best opportunity to meet their goals,” explained Robert Glennie, a corporate and commercial lawyer of over 30 years’ experience and founder of NewGalexy. “With reduced budgets, corporate legal departments need to actively manage their commercial agreements with third parties to get the most bang for their buck. However, due to the number of contracts typically being large, managing this complex function is a time consuming, manpower-intensive and costly exercise. From our interactions with General Counsel as part of our LPO business, we know that contract and document management is one of the biggest challenges that law departments face today.”
“On the other hand, in today’s ever-increasing competitive environment, law firms need to maximise operational efficiency and optimise resources in order to develop commercially sustainable yet profitable businesses. However for many law firms, traditional PMSs are out of reach due to the substantial financial investment involved,” Glennie added. “With a heritage in legal process outsourcing, NewGalexy’s move into legal technology is a logical next step for the company. The company has exploited contemporary cloud computing technology for its potential to offer tangible business benefits to corporate law departments and law firms, including affordability, speed and scalability.”
About NewGalexy
NewGalexy is an established, legal process outsourcing provider to inhouse legal departments of international corporates including FTSE 50 and Fortune 250 businesses, and law firms. The company’s delivery centres are in Scotland (Glasgow) and India (Mumbai). It also has offices in Chicago and London. Robert Glennie is the founder of NewGalexy. He is a corporate and commercial lawyer of over 30 years experience and has extensive experience in running large law firms in the UK (McGrigors LLP) and internationally – he was Chief Executive of KLegal International. From his experience as a lawyer and from interacting with General Counsel as part of the LPO business, the company saw a gap in the market, especially for the contract and document assembly and lifecycle management system. Given all the benefits of cloud computing, adopting this technology to develop the products made sense. For more information, visit +