September Legal IT Insider newsletter out now – hurrah!

Welcome to the latest issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter (September, # 276) – this is our The Parrot Bites Back edition


• NewGalexy aiming to be the New Kid on the UK Legal IT Block? – NewGalexy, (yes, that is the correct spelling) is a legal process outsourcing provider that has just launched 2 new cloud solutions: Practice League – a PMS for small-to-mid tier UK law firms plus ContractPod – a document and contract assembly/lifecycle management system for corporate legal departments

• LexisOne wins biggest UK deal yet – Top 60 UK law firm Browne Jacobson is moving on from its old Tikit ResSoft/Firmware system but has bucked the trend, opting for LexisOne rather than Elite 3E. This is the biggest firm in the UK to-date to go for LexisOne.

• Who’s In & Who’s Out? – All this month’s wins, deals, swapouts & rollouts from the UK, US, EMEA, APAC and the Rest of the World including “non-conventional law firm” Keoghs rolling out a case + document management system based on SharePoint and K2 BlackPearl. The firm’s CIO described the soon to be ex incumbent Lexis Visualfiles system as being like a “rusty ball and chain.”

• Good Karma + Minty Green and disruptive – We look at the latest global traction being enjoyed by Manzama and ask whether Peppermint Technology could be the most disruptive entrant into the UK legal IT scene since Elite Enterprise 20 years ago?

• The Australians are at the gates! – What is going on at Peapod and what is the Australian-based LEAP Group planning for the UK? And did you know that in terms of numbers of law firm sites, LEAP is the largest independent legal IT vendor on the planet?

• SharePoint: The Parrot Bites Back – Here’s what Microsoft is planning with its new MatterCenter Office 365 initiative. Yes, it’s “baby step to make life easier for the legal market”. Will it deliver the SharePoint legal DMS people are looking for? Nobody knows yet. Will Office 365 receive any traction among law firms? The answer is a surprising “yes” with several big US firms with global practices seeing it as the future of anytime, anywhere editing.

• Vital Statistics – the UK law firm edition Did you know that at the current attrition rate, sole practitioners could be an extinct species in England within just 6 years time? Or that the IT to lawyers & other staff ratio averages one IT person to every 28 civilians?

• Quote, Unquote with Richard Susskind “Lawyers don’t like emerging technologies even though they don’t use them. The need to embrace disruptive technology and abandon their irrational rejectionism – the dismissal of technology by people who have no actual experience of using it. There is no finishing line in legal technology.”

Our next issue will be out on Wednesday 29 October 2014

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