There’s a Legal keyboard app for Android users

KeyPoint Technologies just announced the Adaptxt Legal Keyboard for lawyers is now available for download on Android devices in the Google Play store, price £2.40. The new app replaces a mobile device’s stock keyboard allowing users to write notes, email, text message and other forms of documents using a highly specialized legal vocabulary. Adaptxt Legal Keyboard also lets you to create shortcuts for frequently used text, saving you the hassle of repetitive typing. The mobile application contains and suggests over 20,000 legal terms across six languages including British-English, American-English, French, German, Spanish and Finnish to help users avoid the frustrations of time-consuming poor auto-corrections. Additional features include the ability to customize the keyboard by modifying the font style, color scheme, key shapes and more.
06-Adaptxt_Legal Keyboard-bright
02-Adaptxt_Legal Keyboard-scalesoflaw-sugg