There’s an App for (legal) IT – well two actually!

First up is the Paragon Software Group, a software developer of dictionaries and reference applications for mobiles, tablets and PCs, which has just released 12 Merriam-Webster titles with full iOS 8 support, including Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law app – the best reference source for legal terminology on the go. The Dictionary of Law is also available for Android, Mac OS X and other platforms. The apps is available on the Apple iTunes site at price $17.99
Users can instantly look up unknown words in any grammatical form on any web page within the Safari browser, without leaving the site. This has been achieved by using the new extensions feature of iOS 8, one of the biggest improvements in Apple’s latest mobile platform, which for the first time allows apps to talk to each other. With a Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, all the user has to do while reading is highlight a word, click the “share” button, and watch as the searched word is immediately displayed on a pop-up screen. Here’s a short video to explain the process…
Next up is Rocket Matter who have just announced their new iPad edition – and it is iOS 8 compliant. Rocket Matter CEO Larry Port says the release heralds a new era of legal practice management software with a dedicated tablet platform that’s fast, easy-to-use, and accessible both online and offline. Lawyers can now enjoy legal iPad software that delivers incredible productivity gains and at the same time has the beauty and the simple elegance of the iPad itself.
rm-iconRocket Matter created the first cloud practice management software for the legal community in 2008 and again leads the way with the first and only tablet platform for today’s busy, mobile lawyers. The company also unveiled new branding, replacing the retro-style rocket with a cleaner, modern logo. “We’re excited to announce today our evolved platform and sleek new look. The Rocket Matter iPad Edition is not just a mere ‘app’ – it’s an entire tablet-based solution that ties into Rocket Matter’s cloud data storage,” adds Larry Por. “We’ve carefully watched how lawyers, law firms, and bar associations have all eagerly embraced the practical advantages that tablets can provide. We took these observations, combined them with direct suggestions from our lawyer partners, and did what we do best: built software that is simply unmatched in legal practice management.”
The Rocket Matter iPad Edition enables attorneys to turn on their iPad and instantly see everything going on with their matters, whether they are connected to the Internet or not. Dashboards provide quick, at-a-glance overviews of cases and clients. Lawyers can work with their calendars, add notes to matters, stay on top of their own or delegated tasks, even view trust account balances and other critical billing information, wherever they are. Port notes “We understand that our partners like to use Rocket Matter on different devices in different contexts, and we’re going to continue to help them in more efficient ways across the Rocket Matter platform. The iPad, iPhone, Droid, and Web Editions of Rocket Matter will continue to be regularly updated with improvements.” Lawyers with Rocket Matter subscriptions can download the iPad Edition from the Apple iTunes now