Legal Industry Video Awards – Entry #54 – Andrew Haslam on eDisclosure

Yes, we know this has been a bit like Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour but time now for our final submission to the 2014 Legal Industry Video Awards – number #54 – with an educational piece from Andrew Haslam and The Legal Review on What is eDisclosure? This video uses the new Kulu Valley platform that combines video with PowerPoint-type slides and also has a DvD-like menu system so you can easily locate and jump between individual ‘chapters’ rather than have to fast-forward/rewind to find the bits you want to view again. For this reason, rather than a straight embed of the video within the site, we are using a pop-up – just click on the image and the video link will open up in a fresh browser window/tab. The system also allows you to toggle between views and screen sizes.
This video has been entered in Category 5 : Legal or Vendor Informational Video of the Year Award – designed to educate & inform external audiences, such as clients, customers & prospects, on current trends, developments and issues and Category 8 : Ediscovery Video of the Year Award – this category recognises the synergy that exists in the ediscovery/edisclosure world between lawyers, vendors and the courts.
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