There’s an App for it – a new approach to capturing & sending business cards?

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Olocode today announced the release of Olocode Plus, a free app for iOS that makes contact sharing even easier on the go. Saving people from re-typing business cards themselves, Olocode Plus gives users the ability to take a photo of any card, have it typed out for them and added directly to an address book within minutes. Olocode is a free service linking contact details to a memorable six-character code that makes it easy to share. The code can be printed on a business card, shared in-person or included in an email signature. Olocode users can identify “followers,” including non-registered users, who will receive automatic emails whenever their contact details change.
“Keeping in touch with the people you care about is becoming increasingly difficult,” said Pierre Brais, co-founder of Olocode. “The systems we have been using are broken. In a digital era, we need to move beyond simply handing someone a business card with the hope that they’ll commit the time to type it out. Olocode helps ensure relationships are never lost.”
Olocode compliments existing contact management systems. In just one tap, users can bring contacts into a current address book. Olocode’s cloud-based address book also provides access to contact details from the cloud, on any device. The platform helps users stay connected to their contacts at all times, so they can reach the people they care about when they need them. Olocode is immediately available for use at and has free iOS and Android apps available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We’ve also got a short video here that provides more information…