Something for the Legal IT Weekend – Halloween, Parties ‘n’ Stuff

Nothing probably highlights the difference between the US legal IT and the British legal IT culture than their attitudes towards Halloween. Over the the US, the Pinhawk Law Technology Daily Digest has a whole Halloween-themed issue today, while the marketing head honcho of one of our favourite companies over on the West Coast has adopted a “Bane” persona for the day. That’s Bane as in the character in the last Batman movie – although it is arguable that most management consultants can wreak more havoc on the real world than cinematic monsters do in the celluloid realm.
The celebrations of the Insider’s 19th birthday continue – and we are really touched (no, really) to receive these few words from former-BigHand honcho and all round (not round at all, just very tall) Rob Lancashire…
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
You are still a bit orange and
offer a wealth of industry news, insightful comment and valuable data
So what else is new? Make a note of the date: Thursday 13 November – when the International Legal Technology Association holds its 2014 ILTA INSIGHT conference for the UK and Europe. It is at a new venue, 155 Bishopsgate in London. THEN the Insider and its commercial partners Tavistock Media are hosting a post conference drinks and networking reception at the Sterling Bar in the Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe. (For non-UK readers, the Gherkin is a skyscraper, not a vegetable you find in dry martinis!) Drinks from 5.30pm onwards. Places are limited so please RSVP to Katrina Windett by Monday 10th November.
Sadly Jan Durant will be unable to make the party and sends her apologies. Apparently she will be on an ocean liner getting married that day – which must rank as the most extreme excuse yet to avoid attending a legal IT event!
No, we said the Bride of Frankenstein, not the Bride of DeCercestein!