Ediscovery and Security – all change for Access Data

accessdataAccessData (AD) is amicably splitting itself into two independent, global companies: AccessData and the newly formed Resolution1 Security, to capitalize on the solid profitability of its digital forensics and litigation support solutions and high growth of its cybersecurity and corporate eDiscovery business, respectively. The company split will go into effect January 1, 2015.
Why now?
The split timing is optimal now for several reasons. The split enables each company with the focus, flexibility, independence, and financial resources to innovate and solve enterprises’ most vexing challenges. AccessData’s forensic/Summation business is expected to have a solid, highly profitable year. Resolution1 Security is ideally positioned in the cybersecurity market with incident response being an area of strong growth in 2015 and 2016 as reported by industry analysts.
What will AccessData’s company and its leadership look like?
For more than 27 years, AccessData has been a market leader in forensics and legal review solutions to enterprises, law firms, government agencies and law enforcement organizations. The privately held company will continue to develop market leading solutions, including FTK, MPE+ and Summation, to address the escalating challenges around big data, endpoint and mobile forensics, and the legal investigation and review process. AccessData’s forensics and Summation business will stay on course to achieve stronger growth through greater focus, simplicity of message and innovative solutions. The company’s vision is to enable customers to conduct any investigation quickly, comprehensively and accurately regardless of data volumes, types or location.
Tim Leehealey, AccessData’s current CEO and Chairman, will oversee AccessData’s strategic vision and business growth. He will serve as Chairman of the Board for both AccessData and Resolution1 Security. The company also announced the appointment of industry veteran (most recently with LexisNexis) Keith James as EVP of Global Sales and Marketing. The corporate headquarters will remain in Lindon, Utah.
What will Resolution1 Security’s company and its leadership look like?
Brian Karney, CEO, Craig Carpenter, President and COO, and Simon Whitburn, EVP Global Sales. The corporate headquarters will be located in Menlo Park, California, with global offices in London, Germany, Dubai, Mexico City, Singapore, and China. Both companies will hire key executives and industry professionals (product development, sales and marketing) to advance the company’s expansion and growth.
What solutions will AccessData offer?
‒ AD Enterprise
‒ AD Lab
‒ AD Triage
‒ MPE+
‒ Summation
What solutions will Resolution1 Security offer?
‒ Resolution1 Platform
‒ Resolution1 CyberSecurity
‒ Resolution1 eDiscovery
‒ SilentRunner Sentinel
‒ SSL Locksmith
Post-split, development and product management will be handled by each company separately.
COMMENT:  We spoke to Devin Krugly, VP Product Strategy, AccessData (who will be joining Resolution1 after split) who said the split “will be a tremendous benefit to all customers, enabling increased focus on customer needs, a more concentrated message, closer client engagement and more individualized support. Each company will be able to customize its operations to meet the needs of their own customers.” All of which does make a lot of sense as we regularly encounter legal IT vendors whose product portfolios have grown so complex (and in some instances overlapping or even competing with each other) that they confuse not only their customers and prospects but also their own sales teams.
Main competitors?
AccessData: Guidance Software, Recommind, Cellebrite, Relativity, Concordance, X-Ways
Resolution1 Security: Mandiant/RSA, Guidance, Bit9/Carbon Black, Encase/Blue Coat, ECAT/NetWitness, Tanium