The Legal Industry Video Awards Category 5 – The Nominations

video-award-nominatedHere are the nominations in Category 5 of the Legal Industry Video Awards: Legal or Vendor Informational Video of the Year Award – designed to educate & inform external audiences, such as clients, customers & prospects, on current trends, developments and issues. This category, for which we have 12 nominations, can include interviews and talks.
• Entry #2 – Nuix illuminate Dark Data with bean cans
• Entry #11: Peppermint on the benefits of platform technology
• Entry #13: Disruption in the Legal Industry flows from clients
• Entry #23: Lexis makes its Smart Precedents smarter
• Entry #25: Why Law Firms “Select” the Cloud
• Entry #39: Litigation Ethics – or lack thereof!
• Entry #40: Promoting Ringtail to the Industry
• Entry #43: Inksters take the Scottish Ensemble to the Shetlands
• Entry #44: Mitratech Connecting Legal Department Teams
• Entry #46: Noise Induced Hearing Loss Information
• Entry #52: Roberts Jackson Solicitors on back pain
• Entry #54: Andrew Haslam on eDisclosure