Need a barrister? There’s an app for it!

myBarrister, the UK’s largest direct access online portal that matches clients directly with barristers to resolve their legal problems, this week became the first direct access online portal to launch a dedicated app with the launch of the myBarrister app on both the Apple and Android platforms. The app can be accessed via the myBarrister website on the following link: Initially, the app will enable users to search and select the most appropriate barrister for their legal issue, will allow myBarrister to communicate with barrister members and publish industry news that they will find useful onto their mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device.
Ronald DeKoven, founder and CEO of myBarrister, explained how the launch of the app is in keeping the company philosophy. “Innovation is at the core of myBarrister, with the simple aim of making it as easy as possible for people and businesses to reach the barrister of their choice to advise on their problems quickly, expertly and cost-effectively. myBarrister has the most user-friendly of all direct access websites. myBarrister was the first direct access to barrister company to use crowd funding to raise capital. myBarrister has joined forces with Augusta in a groundbreaking partnership to ensure funding is available to claimants to pursue litigation. And now, with the myBarrister app, clients will be able to reach the barrister of their choice with a click and a swipe while on the move.”
NOTE: On 6 November, myBarrister signed an exclusive agreement with the hedge fund Augusta Ventures, the UK’s largest litigation funder by volume of cases funded. Augusta Ventures manages the TRINITY legal financing product, which provides a claimant with finance to pay the legal costs of their claim in return for a pre-agreed share of any damages awarded. For further information visit