Talking Tech with Charles Christian – Time Recording #2: Phil Wedgwood on Rekoop

Welcome to the second episode in our new video series Talking Tech with Charles Christian. The theme for this series is Time Recording/Time Capture Technology for Law Firms and this week we are talking to Phil Wedgwood, the CEO of Rekoop. In subsequent episodes we’ll also be hearing from Bellefield, LexisNexis and Intapp.
This video runs for just under 14 minutes however the platform we are using has a DvD-like menu system so you can easily locate and jump between individual ‘chapters’ rather than have to fast-forward/rewind to find the sections you want to view again. For this reason, rather than a straight embed of the video within the site, we are using a pop-up – just click on the image and the video link will open up in a fresh browser window/tab.
The videos have been produced by Austin Faure Communications/The Legal Review in conjunction with Charles Christian and Legal IT Insider.
Rekoop Phil