IVO Networks New Whitepaper Outlines How To Make IPv4-only Applications Work Over DirectAccess

DirectAccess traffic that is going over the internet is always IPv6. So if your users are launching an application that on the client machine is not capable of generating IPv6 packets, that application will not work over a DirectAccess tunnel. IVO Networks has developed App46 – that when incorporated into any DirectAccess environment, intercepts traffic from IPv4-only applications and flips those packets into IPv6 and then sends them successfully across the DirectAccess tunnels.
App46 is a client/server agent that gets installed on each DirectAccess client computer. The App46 Server piece is installed on a server in your network and is used for both client configuration and distribution of that configuration. App46 Server is a GUI that walks you through wizards to define the settings which your App46 client agents need to know about and once finished it is also a distribution mechanism so that your App46 clients “check in” with the server on an ongoing basis.
You can download the App46 white paper here IVO Networks App46 Client Translator White Paper v2.1 (2)
For more information or to arrange for a free trial of App46, please contact Peter Hamerlinck at peter.hamerlinck@ivonetworks.com