Coventry law firm Band Hatton Button LLP has swapped out its previous incumbent provider for BigHand’s core enterprise digital dictation solution, with additional mobility and speech recognition features to enable remote connectivity and enhance its document production processes as part of a continuous, strategic focus on customer satisfaction and service excellence. The development, which is an evolution of the firm’s prior use of digital dictation technology, will bring BigHand’s speech recognition and mobility capabilities to Band Hatton Button’s 36 fee earners and enable secretaries to be utilised more effectively.
Following a review of the available solutions during the early part of 2014, Band Hatton Button selected BigHand for the robustness of its solution and its proven expertise in the sector. “BigHand offered all the functionality we wanted, and also had a very user-friendly reporting interface,” says George Campbell, IT Manager at Band Hatton Button. “The BigHand team was also really engaged right from the initial meeting and gave us confidence that they would support us in achieving the maximum benefit from the solution.”
The successful completion of the pilot among 15 users within the firm’s litigation and employment departments demonstrated significant productivity and efficiency gains for both fee earners and secretarial staff, giving the company confidence that a full introduction of the speech recognition and mobility technology would support its strategic focus on continuously enhancing customer satisfaction. Campbell comments: “We had been using digital dictation technology for six years across the whole business, but wanted to expand upon our existing system’s capabilities to increase fee earners’ productivity outside of the office and make our support staff more effective. This brings clear and obvious advantages for us. Our fee earners benefit from faster turnaround time, while we are able to optimise our internal resources and drive productivity, and staff satisfaction. Moreover, from a client point of view, we can now provide an even more responsive service. It’s a really exciting development, and great news for the business.”
Band Hatton Button is currently rolling out BigHand across its residential and probate departments, and aims to be fully live by April 2015.