The Legal Industry Video Awards: The Winners’ Showreel

Our independent panel of judges – Melissa Davis, Jobst Elster, David Gilroy, Kim Tasso and Kate McKittrick – have cast their votes and we now have our winners for the Legal Industry Video Awards 2014. Here are the winning videos in each of the eight categories plus links to the runners-up.
CATEGORY 1 : Legal Marketing & Promotional Video of the Year – Proof that you don’t have to be a big firm to have great ideas – and videos – Fleet, Hants based law firm Watson Thomas Solicitors show in the animation Getting Divorced and the approachable nature of the firm when it comes to divorce work.
The Runners up were: 
• Knights LLP –
• Lawdingo –
• Simmons & Simmons –
CATEGORY 2 : Legal Training & Educational Video of the Year Award – This entry – The Time Machine – is from the UK law firm Foot Anstey to introduce a new passive time recording system (IntApp Time) to the firm. It is an internal educational video and good to see a leading partner so involved and supportive of a technology promotion (as well as the IT Director). 
Written & directed by Duncan Eadie, Production Exesight Photography.
No Runners-up
CATEGORY 3 : Vendor Marketing & Promotional Video of the Year – The video – Illuminating Dark Data with Bean Cans – by Nuix uses a simple animation to explain a very complex topic – which also explains why Nuix came very close to wining in three other categories!
The Runners up were:
• ALM/ –
• LexisNexis –
• Thomson Reuters Elite –
CATEGORY 4 : Vendor Training & Educational Video of the Year – The video – Connecting the Legal Department – by Mitratech is our third animation to win a category and the company uses it to explain how its systems can help GCs and in-house legal teams.
The Runners up were:
• Everlaw –
• WestLaw –
CATEGORY 5 : Legal or Vendor Informational Video of the Year – This was produced for the law firm Blake Cassels & Graydon and entered by Toronto based Fairhart Productions Inc to highlight ethical dilemmas in litigation and ediscovery for panel discussion. The full video is 23 minutes but this is a 5 minute compilation from the same reel. We particularly like the combination of animation and live action – reminds us of the old Batman TV series in the 1960s!
The Runners up were:
• Andrew Haslam on Edisclosure –
• Nuix –
• Ringtail –
CATEGORY 6 : Legal or Vendor Event Video of the Year – This category reflects the difficulties associated with filming live events and the winner was a very popular video from Simmons & Simmons on the theme of Engaging with Young Talent.  This video is not on YouTube or Vimeo so please click on the link and it will open a fresh browser page.
The Runners up were:
• Cicayda –
• Intapp –
• MASS –
• Peppermint Technology –
CATEGORY 7 : Best Use of Animation – With so many entries using animation, we thought it only fair they should have their own category, with the winning entry being Knights in 90 Seconds providing a lightening-fast introduction to the law firm Knights LLP.
The Runners up were:
• Nuix –
• Redbrick Solutions –
• Solicitors Own Software (SOS) –
CATEGORY 8 : Ediscovery Video of the Year – Reflecting the fact ediscovery/edisclosure is a world of its own, we also gave this its own category! The winning video came from FTI Technology to promote its product Ringtail to the Market. This is also not on YouTube or Vimeo so click o the link and it will open up a fresh browser page
The Runners up were:
• Cicayda –
• Andrew Haslam on Edisclosure –
• Nuix –
So what happens next? Well all the runners up will be receiving certificates while the winners will be receiving one of our seriously desirable (and heavy) engraved glass awards – technically this is a “wedge” so we hereby dub the awards The Wedgies !