There’s an app for it – going Fine Dining over the Holiday Season ?

OK, this is stretching the legal IT angle a little but today’s app – FineDiner – was conceived and designed by leading legal IT and management consultant Neil Cameron. As Neil explains “the main idea is to maintain a personal record of trips out to great restaurants – notes, photos, dishes, cost etc – rather that finding restaurants to eat in although it will do the latter too – if you buy a data pack (via an in-app purchase). The basic free App can be used to add details of any restaurant visits – but you have to add all the details of the restaurant manually.
“However, if you pay for a regional restaurant pack then you just pick your fine dining restaurant (it includes all Michelin and another 30% or so of good places) and all the details slip in for you to just add your visit details. I conceived the idea on a drive up to York for New Year’s Eve last year – and ‘sold’ the idea to my friends at Collectorz who produce apps for collectors of CDs, DVDs, books etc.”
This is an iOS-only app, with data syncing between iPhones and iPads plus data backup to the FineDiner Cloud. You can find the app on the Apple App Store and there rate more details here:
Currently available packs (€4.49 / £2.99 / US $4.99 each):
UK and Ireland Pack
Benelux Pack
France Pack
Germany Pack
USA East Coast
USA West Coast
USA Central
“The rest of the world to follow bit by bit!” adds Neil.