Elite continues its Bonfire of Vanities as Envision aka LawSoft now gets the chop

Last week it was Engage, this week it is the mid-tier, mid-law Elite Envision product (better known to UK readers as the old Pilgrim LawSoft system) that is being tossed onto the Thomson Reuters bonfire of vanities, cast into the outer darkness and placed into “maintenance mode” with an end of life of December 2019.

In an email sent out at 7pm on Monday (21st December) evening – see full text on PDF here EnvisionFarewell – Thomson Reuters Elite say

Dear Valued Thomson Reuters Elite Client:

We want to inform you that the decision has been made to place the Envision product platform into maintenance mode. With this decision, Thomson Reuters Elite will no longer sell the Envision product.

Envision has been a successful platform for its customers over the years. However, it is built on older technology that cannot deliver the capabilities that today’s law firms need. Elite has given careful thought to this decision and has decided that by reducing the number of older technology platforms it supports, Elite can provide better client service and support; focus on enhancements that impact a greater number of clients; and better deliver on our value-proposition to clients.

This change is effective immediately, but Elite is still committed to delivering product updates. While there are no commitments beyond version 2014.1, Elite will continue to provide bug fixes and maintenance releases, and will continue to support the Envision platform and do product fixes through 2019.

COMMENT: Not surprisingly the Insider office has seen a flurry of comment this morning from disgruntled users and prospective purchasers on Envision including…

• If it is built on older technology, why did Elite buy it just three years ago (almost exactly to the day) in December 2011?

• Clearly not that much of a “Dear Valued Client” are we?

• Early evening just before the Christmas break when a lot of people have already left the office for the holidays! What is it politicians say “a good day to bury bad news” ?

• Shed a tear for poor old Jim Cummings (the founder of Pilgrim Software) you expect your children to outlive you.

• Had me choking on my mince pies, first job for the New Year is book to see Peppermint Technology.

• When I spoke with them yesterday I was told they have no mid-market replacement available in the foreseeable future and I should consider 3E and Mattersphere if I want a platform under active development.

• Strikes me you could substitute ‘Enterprise’ for ‘Envision’ and it still reads true. Can only be time.

FACTLET: According to the Insider UK Legal IT Top 200 Chart , a total of 28 firms are currently running or implementing Elite Envision. http://legaltechnology.com//top-200/