Something for the Legal IT Weekend: It was 30 years ago today

Mobile1985It was 30 years ago this week that the first commercial cellphone call was made in the UK. The handsets would go on sale a few weeks later following a promotion headed by the late comedian Ernie Wise. Here’s a story I wrote about in the Law Society Gazette in February 1985 – Vodafone sold 12,000 handsets in the first year but predicted that by 1990 there would be at least 200,000 mobile phone users in the UK. By comparison, today 57% of the UK adult population and 44% of households has one or more mobile phones and there are 83.1 million mobile phones and data connections in use. Oh yes, and Apple sold 10 million of its Apple 6.0 phones (globally) in the first 3 days of their launch in September 2014.