MTA Solicitors Adopts Intapp Time for Business Efficiency

Intapp just announced that MTA Solicitors LLP, a nationwide law practice with solicitors in London, Bromley and Manchester, has implemented Intapp Time to enhance business efficiency. MTA is using Intapp Time to provide firm management with visibility into how and where time is spent, enabling them to evaluate performance and cost on a daily basis, and identify ways to improve service delivery to over 50,000 Commercial and Private Clients across England and Wales each year. The firm offers expertise in a wide range of areas including employment tribunals, commercial and private debt disputes, wills and trusts, personal injury compensation, and civil law disputes.
“At MTA Solicitors, we are firmly committed to delivering first-class client service for a competitive fee. And with so much of our client work conducted on a fixed-fee basis, we’ve always been very conscious that improving lawyer productivity and efficiency can have a tremendous impact on our firm’s success,” said the firm’s managing partner David Green. “Intapp Time has been an excellent visibility tool for managers from Day 1, as they’re able to monitor progress on specific matters and have informed discussions with their teams about activities that may be taking longer than expected to complete. For our management information analysts, Intapp Time is providing valuable firm-wide data that will enable better and more sophisticated reporting on various performance metrics over time. Our lawyers are also seeing the benefits via faster time recording, more efficient ways of working, and internal recognition of their efforts.”
MTA Solicitors is using the passive time capture feature of Intapp Time, which automatically records time in the background as work is performed by lawyers within the LexisNexis Visualfiles case management system. Managers check Intapp Time daily to identify possible areas for improvement, offering guidance and training to their teams as needed; sharing best practices; and fine-tuning processes to make them more efficient.
The firm’s management information (MI) analysts are generating reports and collecting performance data that can be used to assess the true cost and profitability of individual matters. Over time, this data will inform pricing decisions; call out work that should be outsourced; and identify areas for investment, particularly related to training. The data can also be used to recognise and reward individual performers who are most efficient in completing tasks and submitting time sheets, while delivering excellent client care.
“By analysing how lawyers and non-lawyers are spending their time, forward-thinking firms such as MTA Solicitors are maximising the control they have over costs – ultimately for the benefit of their clients,” said Kaye Sycamore, Regional Vice President, EMEA & APAC, Intapp. “Intapp Time offers the flexibility to work the way your firm – and your lawyers – work, providing a 360° view of time-related data which is critical in assessing business performance.”