Talking Tech with Charles Christian: Keith Lipman of Prosperoware on Legal Process Management (LPM)

In our latest Talking Tech, I’m talking to Keith Lipman, the president and co-founder of Prosperoware LLC, about the concept of Legal Process Management (LPM) and how his company’s Umbria software can help law firms and corporate legal teams address the practice management pressures of the “New Law” era.
We’ll also be hearing from Keith about the “LPM Maturity Model” his team have developed. This provides a client-focused framework to guide lawyers through the different aspects of budgeting, project management and matter progress monitoring in a way existing billing, BI and practice management systems have consistently failed to deliver. Umbria also bridges the gap between business management, knowledge management and business development by allowing users to accurately capture their experience data for subsequent use in internal analytics, as well as RFPs and pitches.
This video runs for just under 15 minutes and as the platform has a DvD-like menu system, you can easily locate and jump between individual “chapters” rather than have to fast-forward/rewind to find the sections you want to view again. For this reason, rather than a straight embed of the video within the site, we are using a pop-up – just click on the play button on the image and the video link will open up in a fresh browser window/tab.
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