Law firm cloud tech specialist Converge TS wins its first £1 million + deal

Cheshire-based Converge Technology Specialists (ConvergeTS) has signed its first £1 million contract, with East of England law firm Bridge McFarland. The five-year contract will see ConvergeTS supply a fully-managed Cloud service to Bridge McFarland, which has 21 partners and offices in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and London.
The firm’s managing partner Richard Parnell says: “ConvergeTS was recommended by an external IT consultant. What swayed the firm’s decision to go with Converge was that they were plain-speaking, they came across as very professional, and when we went to see them we were impressed, and formed a rapport with them. “Looking forward, we want an IT system that is resilient, and to work with Converge in partnership. We also have the added piece of mind that if teething problems arise we know we can just pick up the phone or email them and they will respond.”
ConvergeTS’s founder and managing director Nigel Wright added“We also felt that after meeting with Bridge McFarland during due diligence visits, there was a real synergy between us. We were also heartened by the firm’s appreciation of our experience in dealing with key application vendors. The cloud is the future for the legal industry.”
ConvergeTS has over 50 UK-based clients including JMW, Linder Myers, O’Neill Patient, Pannone Corporate and Total Conveyancing Services. Recent research suggests that while only 10% of UK law firms currently use hosted services, by 2018 the figure will rise to close to 90%.