New Product Launches – here’s a mega-pack to start the New Year

Compiled by associate editor Caroline Hill…


EmpowerLingua launches cloud translation service
London translation agency EmpowerLingua has launched a cloud-based legal translation solution. Promising a secure environment and increased efficiency, EmpowerLingua’s software can be integrated into a firm’s existing content management system. “For legal firms, each word is so important that the meticulous attention to detail required in legal translation can prove costly. By using a cloud based translation memory, you can save both time and money in real-time rather than after the event,” say EmpowerLingua.


Exen Legal Solutions releases new modules for SmartEye
Exen Legal Solutions has announced the release of three new modules for its SmartEye law firm management information suite. Building on the SmartEye fee earner performance dashboards and business intelligence tools, which have now been adopted by 40 mid-sized UK law firms, these new modules extend traditional dashboards into risk and compliance; client and matter financial performance and month-end report packs.


DPS Software in collaboration with Oyez
DPS Software has announced its collaboration with legal forms publisher Oyez Professional Services, whose forms are now integrated into DPS’s case management software. The compatibility between the two software solutions means that any Oyez Forms user can access their forms straight from DPS’s Outlook Office. These forms are then automatically populated with the corresponding information stored within DPS. “The purpose of this collaboration is the faster completion of forms- a time-consuming task that solicitors must undertake on a daily basis,” said Scott Ridley, the technical director of DPS Software.


Zylpha adopts Adobe EchoSign as e-Signature solution
Zylpha has adopted Adobe EchoSign, an e-signature solution that will allow Zylpha customers to increase the efficiency of signing electronic legal documentation. Zylpha will also integrate Adobe EchoSign into LexisNexis’ Solcase and Visualfiles case management systemS. Before founding Zylpha, CEO Tim Long was a key developer for Visualfiles – acquired by LexisNexis in 2006 – and for the past 10 years has provided application support for the two systems. Paul Hinchliffe, managing partner of Zylpha client Bott & Co said: “Since the introduction of EchoSign in Zylpha’s system, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the turnaround of documentation with our clients. Where it took days by post or hours by courier we can now get documents authorised in minutes.”


Redbrick Solutions announces latest version of Redbrick Practice Management
Case management software provider Redbrick Solutions has released the latest version of its practice management solution. Enhancements include enabling clients to create bespoke custom fields, while for calculated fields clients can now apply any number of complex calculations, which can be re-used an unlimited number of times in documentation. Changes have also been made to billing calculations and clients are now able to access a wider range of anti-money laundering checks.


Aderant releases Expert BudgetWise module
Aderant announced this week the release of Aderant Expert BudgetWise. Built within the Aderant expert database, the new application removes any integration requirement and delivers real-time reporting capabilities. Chris Giglio, Aderant’s chief executive officer said: “We’ve designed Expert BudgetWise to not only speed up the budget creation process, but also help firms set realistic expectations for revenue and expenses, as well as monitor actual performance and forecast for the future.”


Neota Logic announces release of Neota Logic Server 7.5
Neota Logic has announced the release of Neota Logic Server 7.5, its latest platform for the automation of expertise and business processes. Version 7.5 enables Neota Logic applications to be presented in SharePoint portals, with SharePoint managing user accounts and authentication to provide Single Sign-On (SSO). Other enhancements include new tools to enable interaction with web services and construction of XML and JSON data packets, facilitating swift two-way integration with all modern business systems, including SharePoint, Salesforce, SAP, and HP WorkSite.


Linetime announces new HM Courts & Tribunals Service Secure Data Transfer roll out
Linetime has announced the successful roll out of its new HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) secure data transfer (SDT) interface. The SDT is a secure system to enable customers to upload and transfer data files directly to the HMCTS system. The new system replaces the current secure email solution and is available to all customers wishing to issue bulk civil claims and those who currently use the Claim Production Centre in Northampton.


Hoowla responds to George Osborne’s stamp duty reform by updating conveyancing software
As a result of the announcement in December that Chancellor George Osborne will support home buyers by providing tax cuts for 98% of consumers, the team at Hoowla have prepared an update to their conveyancing software. Hoowla’s conveyancing calculator automatically calculates stamp duty when generating conveyancing estimates and quotes for clients and now takes into account the new calculation.


Prosperoware’s Menu Editor software becomes freeware for 2015
Prosperoware has made its Menu Editor software available as freeware for 2015. While most WorkSite clients customize HP’s menus to fit particular requirements and third-party integration, Menu Editor simplifies these potentially complex processes, including customising the right-click function in Desksite and FileSite and eliminating the need to use Regedit.


SearchFlow launches a stamp duty calculator
SearchFlow has developed a stamp duty calculator to simplify the costing process for lawyers and their clients, which is available for legal professionals to download and implement on their own websites for free. The requirement for the calculator arises as a result of the Chancellor’s announcement of a new sliding scale for stamp duty in his autumn statement in December.


CaseGlide and LeadMaster launch Litigation Control Center software for insurance claims and litigation management

Cloud-based claims litigation software provider CaseGlide has teamed up with LeadMaster to launch the Litigation Control Center, a software-as-a-service platform on which insurers can collaborate with their solicitors in adjusting and litigating insurance claims. “We believe the combination of CaseGlide’s offerings and strong domain experience in insurance claims and litigation, together with LeadMaster’s CRM and automated workflow capability, empowers insurance clients to achieve breakthroughs in quality and cost performance”, said Wesley Todd, president and CEO of CaseGlide.


Search Acumen unveils “IntelliSearch” to deliver ‘step change’ in conveyancing searches
Search Acumen has unveiled a new suite of conveyancing search products and services. IntelliSearch will, in the first phase of its roll out, use deductive technology to bring a ‘step change’ in the way conveyancers process searches and subsequent enquiries. Mark Riddick, Chairman of Search Acumen, said: “The surge of house buying activity over the last twelve months has shown just how important it is for conveyancers to have the right search tools to cope with an increasing volume of work.”


DocsCorp announces upgrade to flagship pdfDocs
DocsCorp has announced a major upgrade to its PDF management application pdfDocs. PdfDocs 4.1 streamlines and simplifies the user interface, reducing training requirements by mirroring the standard applications on a user’s desktop. There are significant improvements in the speed of the software’s performance and streamlined workflows.


nQueue announces next gen cost recovery software
nQueue has unveiled the next generation of its flagship cost recovery software, iA Embedded for Xerox. iA Embedded for Xerox 4.0 has been built on the latest version of Xerox’ Extensible Interface Platform, and includes a redesigned interface that delivers a more natural user experience – and fewer clicks for the user – by leveraging nQueue’s innovative Adaptive Intelligence technology. iA Embedded for Xerox 4.0 is available immediately and licenses are fully transferable to new machines.


RAVN Systems Releases RAVN Analytics and RAVN Pipeline 5.0.0
Enterprise search and big data provider RAVN Systems has this month announced the release of RAVN Analytics, a high-powered enterprise content management analytics solution. The announcement comes as RAVN also announces the release of RAVN Pipeline 5.0.0. RAVN Analytics provides browser-based analytics and promises a “robust, interactive alternative to the slow-paced method of gathering traditional enterprise content management business intelligence.”

Meanwhile, RAVN’s Pipeline 5.0.0 delivers a platform for extraction, transformation and load needs, whether that be ingesting content into a search engine, connecting and ingesting sources into Microsoft SharePoint, or performing a data migration exercise after a merger or acquisition.


Advanced Legal announces launch of Laserform Hub portal for Companies House and new practice management software
Designed to meet the needs of law firms looking to benefit from the Government’s ‘digital by default’ strategy, Advanced Legal has announced the launch of its inaugural cloud-based SaaS Laserform Hub solution for the Companies House gateway. The Hub will allow electronic form submission to multiple government portals from a single location and provides one place for firms to manage multiple agency submissions. Companies House is the first of the series of planned portals. The announcement comes as Advanced Legal also announces the latest version of its practice management software ALB. ALB’s new functionality includes complete Time Tracker integration, Word ‘click and file’ capability and an enhanced client and matter inception case app.