Startup Corner: Creative Growth Mindset Technologies Takes on Document Comparison and Collaboration

Creative Growth Mindset Technologies (CGMT), is a new full service professional consulting company specializing in providing business and technical consulting services for document lifecycle, content collaboration and management. The company has just announced the findings after conducting a comprehensive document comparison tool challenge. Veteran technologist and CEO of Creative Growth Mindset Technologies Deneen Martinez says “Every company’s real estate is their content; it’s what drives their business; it’s what makes them valuable. The team at CGMT is focused on document content and is committed to helping our clients implement only those business solutions and processes that achieve business needs and which are simple and easy for their users to use on a daily basis.”
After receiving several requests from document comparison users within the legal vertical, CGMT decided to conduct a comprehensive document comparison tool challenge. The goal of this event was to put the most popular comparison products to the test to determine how well each performed using compacted, complex documents, specifically designed to include challenging document elements and well known problem areas, which have a long history of resulting in incorrect comparison reporting. The report illustrates which document comparison tools had the highest accuracy comparing simple and complex documents, preserved the original documents’ integrity and formatting, and displayed the comparison results in clear and concise way.
Ms. Martinez, says, “I started my 25+ year career working for prestigious law firms and corporate law departments, and then moved onto working on the senior management teams of leading software vendors at Workshare and Litéra. The valuable lessons I learned working for both the client and vendor sides goes into helping each of our clients make better business decisions for their individual businesses.” Deneen says, “One of the most important discoveries I have made during my career is that while feature rich software is nice, it is more about mastering your core competency at a high level and proven consistency that really counts.” In the case of document comparison and collaboration, outside of the various software feature sets there are three key areas that have the most impact: (1) accuracy; (2) readability; and (3) format preservation.
The study Creative Growth Mindset Technologies conducted reveals some interesting results. Microsoft Word 2010/2013 doesn’t make the cut because of its out-of-the-box features gap. The study therefore looked at Workshare Professional, Litéra ChangePro and newcomer Evolution Software’s NOVO Compare. The final scorecard ranks NOVO Compare first, followed by Workshare in second place and then Litéra ChangePro. You can obtain a free copy of the white paper by clicking on the following link: