Channel News: Let’s set up a marketplace

Two more vendors in the legal IT and legal documents space – Rocket Matter and HotDocs – have just set up marketplaces to sell products and services over and about their core products to customers.

The Rocket Matter Marketplace

The Rocket Matter Marketplace will initially feature Internet Marketing Services (IMS), including website, logo, and social media design work, as well as the company’s highly regarded educational content. Rocket Matter’s books and webinar series are designed to help law firms become better at the business side of their practice, and are geared towards revenue growth and operational efficiency. Additionally, Rocket Matter’s community and fan base will be able to purchase branded clothing and accessories through Marketplace.

“With Marketplace, we at Rocket Matter want to go beyond saving time and making life easier for attorneys. We want to help law firms reach their full potential,” says Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter. “Philosophically, the whole purpose of Marketplace and Rocket Matter is law firm growth. The way we see it, we help law firms increase revenues through better billing practices, an effective online presence, and a more streamlined, mobile, and less stressful practice. We’re also lucky to boast a great community of users who like our sense of fun and dig our branding and want t-shirts, mugs and the other cool stuff we make.”

Rocket Matter’s Internet Marketing Services (IMS) replaces the Rocket X1 brand, which was rolled out in 2013 and was a one-size-fits-all solution to law firm Internet marketing. Based on strong demand, IMS now offers a la cart services for website construction, logo design, and social media setup at many different price points for firms of all sizes. Marketplace also debuts Rocket Matter’s latest book available in paperback, The Digital Marketing Playbook for Law Firms. The company’s newest addition to their content lineup discusses the challenges law firms face and provides tips, tools, and strategies to help lawyers and law firm marketers make informed decisions for a thriving online presence. The Digital Marketing Playbook for Law Firms, as well as Rocket Matter’s previous books Heroic Lawyering and The Law Firm of Tomorrow, are available for purchase on Marketplace.


The HotDocs Market

Our second launch (initially just for the US market) is from HotDocs. HotDocs Market provides attorneys with libraries of professionally crafted, customisable legal documents and forms from multiple legal publishers and Bar Associations, all created and delivered using HotDocs software. The HotDocs Market platform enables legal publishers of all sizes to make their content highly accessible to their existing subscribers, as well as providing increased visibility to prospective customers in an online store environment. This virtual marketplace presents a new revenue stream and delivery channel for publishers, while reducing the costs and complexities of traditional distribution techniques. For end users of the site, it means easy access to relevant legal content that will reduce the time spent preparing forms and documentation and allow more time with clients.

Dave Lampert, President of HotDocs’ North American division, said: “HotDocs Market offers the ability for publishers to distribute HotDocs-enabled content in a cloud-based, e-commerce environment and allows legal practitioners to subscribe to a wide range of professionally produced documents and forms across numerous practice areas and jurisdictions. HotDocs Market is available at any time, on any device, enabling attorneys to work on legal documents from anywhere, always using the most current versions of the publisher’s content.”

Launching initially in the USA, the first HotDocs Market publishers will include LexisNexis, other professional legal publishers and a range of State Bar associations providing legal forms and documents to their members. Over time, HotDocs Market will scale to encompass multiple industries and geographies, with a publisher base ranging from large international publishers to speciality, regional and micro-publishers.

Russell Shepherd, Group CEO of HotDocs, concluded: “For the past twenty years, HotDocs has provided tools for a wide range of publishers of automated legal content. Today we are launching a complete e-commerce solution for publishing HotDocs content, which will help to further expand an already substantial market in the USA for subscriptions to HotDocs-enabled content. We believe that HotDocs Market will encourage new, innovative publishers to join our existing publisher network and produce further new and essential products for America’s legal community.” + here’s a link to a PDF explaining how the service will work HotDocs Market e-book

In the wake of the launch, HotDocs has already signed up deals with with LexisNexis to provide online distribution, via the cloud, of four subscription based form compilations containing more than 2,000 legal forms resulting from a long-standing relationship between LexisNexis and the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA). + For the distribution of IowaDocs automated legal content. Offered to Iowa State Bar Association’s members, IowaDocs is a library consisting of hundreds of legal documents. + ALL-STATE LEGAL will be making more than 300 New Jersey legal forms, previously available only on CD-ROM, accessible online through HotDocs Market.